About Qubetubers


Early YouTube days

In early October 2010, Syntria started Minecraft Girl Edition, a YouTube Minecraft LP series. This led to the creation of a streaming channel on LiveStreamSyntria began to build a small fanbase, and began to promote users (Axebane, Shay, Ben, etc.) to stream as well on her channel to keep it live more often. This quickly lead to a 24/7 LIVE dedicated Minecraft channel for a time.


In mid-October 2010, Qubetubers was fortunate to be approached by Henry from GreyTheory to allow Qubetubers to use his server as a Minecraft SMP server. Thus, the GreyTheory server was born and this is where things exploded. On the back of regular Minecraft Alpha updates, the GreyTheory server was well utilised. Donators were fever-driven in helping to support Qubetubers and GreyTheory. Along the way, Qubetubers opened two more streaming channels for other games, began to conduct game giveaways on stream and obtained a Ventrilo server for the community.

The Qubetubers SMP

By late December 2010, the GreyTheory world had expanded several times and many great builds were featured on stream. At this time, Qubetubers finally had the funds to own their own server and develop a Minecraft SMP that we could call our own. Work began on the initial towns and by early January 2011, the server was opened to the public. Sadly, during this time, HenrySchwar had to close GreyTheory for personal reasons.

Charity and Celebrations

In the following nine months to September 2011, Qubetubers has been the home to quality game streaming, and many events including the massive Child’s Play event in 2011, a 48 hour streaming event that raised US$35000. Qubetubers was joined by many famous Minecraft celebrities guest streaming. We even welcomed Notch, C418 and deadmau5 onto our stream! Qubetubers eventually shifted from mainly Minecraft to playing all kinds of games on their streams. This was celebrated by IndieWeekend, a 24 hour event to promote Indie developers and celebrate their hard work.

On 1 October 2011, Qubetubers celebrated their first birthday where we went back to our roots and viewers were treated to a 24 hour Minecraft marathon.

Following on the success of the Child’s Play event, a second 48 Hour Minecraft Child’s Play event was held in August 2012. All records were broken when our initial US$50000 target was smashed by Notch in one $10000 swoop, and the counter went on to the $65000 mark. Yet again, we were joined by friends and celebrities of the Minecraft universe, and yes, including Notch! The event raised online awareness of our Twitch channel as well, and we now have the privilege of having a network of excellent streamers there.

Our second IndieWeekend took place November 2014 with a over 40 Indie-Games showcased, nearly a dozen Indie Developer guest speakers, and several Special Guest Streamers in a 48 Hour Marathon. We also raised $3500 for Child’s Play Charity during this event.

Our third IndieWeekend was successfully run in February 2016, featuring more than 30 indie titles from developers all over the globe. See IndieWeekend.com for all of the games, developers and streamers that took part!