It was about time I actually implemented what I’ve talked about with our dear staffers; The QubeTubers Mumble is now (with the exception of the AFK channel) completely open to everybody for creating, reorganizing and modifying channels including channel specific rules and ACLs.

The new welcome message contains a more elaborate description of how things work now:

This mumble is a public and free (as in libre) to use mumble server. You are permitted to create your own channels anywhere with the exception of the AFK channel and any channel that prohibits it either by rule or ACL (Access Control List). Your own channels can have its own rules and code of conduct provided that it adheres to the global code of conduct. You are allowed to alter the position of your channel provided that your position is between -9999 and 9999 (exclusive). If you are unable to speak (muted by the server) you need to register yourself and re-connect (Self -> Register). If you wish your username to be altered or have a “prefix” this can be done by contacting the staff in irc:// or on This is also where you can go when staff assistance is needed. Remember that this service is a privilege, not a right. If you abuse it, you lose the privilege to it.

Due to these policy changes the following changes have come to pass:

  • All existing prefixes have been removed (with the exception of already custom ones).
  • The user groups “streamer”, “staff+”, “temp-streamer” have been removed.
  • Various people have been moved around to other user groups that should be more relevant to their current standing withing the QubeTubers community.
  • Due to the stripping of prefixes some names where in conflict and had to be removed. Due to not being able to differentiate between which one was the valid one all people affected will have to re-register and request to be added to the appropriate user group again.
  • There is no differentiation anymore between public and private lobbies. All channels have been moved to the “root”.
  • The current standard user groups are: admin, staff, qubetuber+.

There has also been a minor change in the description of the rules but mostly they convey the same message:

  1. Respect each other.
  2. Do not harass others.
  3. Do not partake in racism, offensive discussions, and otherwise disturbing or illegal content.
  4. Use common sense.

Beyond that I hope you’ll continue enjoying the service and as always, Have fun! — CyaNox