Lead the mystical music creature Beatbuddy on an epic adventure, fighting back the army of Prince Maestro and saving your beloved musical homeland Symphonia. As you bounce off bassdrum catapults and snare-jump with the Beatbuggy a whole song unfolds in each of the six worlds. Beatbuddy creates a unique synergetic experience, delivering a rich action-adventure with a beautiful musical twist.


Supported by a star ensemble of music artists, including Grammy-Nominee Austin Wintory (Journey PS3), Parov Stelar and Sabrepulse (Chime PS3), THREAKS developed Beatbuddy over the course of 4 years. Beatbuddy’s humorous story was accompanied by famous game writer Rhianna Pratchett (Mirror’s Edge, Tomb Raider). The awarded look of the game was created in countless hours of work, crafting each environment utilizing hand painted 2D sprites. The highly precise music visualization for each game element, is achieved with THREAKS own sound-technology. After being critically acclaimed for the Pre-Alpha STEAM Demo in 2012, THREAKS and the music experts from Reverb Publishing are now hungry for a release.

Play a new game genre with a genuine mix of action- and music gameplay.
Discover six different hand painted worlds with countless musical inspired game mechanics.
Experience exclusive songs in each level from composers like Austin Wintory (Journey PS3).Interact freely with the music and mix the song while you play it.



Beatbuddy is definitely in a genre all its own, holding true to the games description.  The goal is to complete challenges and puzzle, all the while keeping  in time with the beat of the music. I personally think that is fun, though I would imagine someone who was unable to keep a beat might find this extremely difficult.

The 2D environment is beautifully shaded with an artistic hand painted quality.  As most games of this type the main environmental elements are layered to give depth to the scene.   As this game takes place underwater, much of the scenery has a very aquatic feel.   Like snails corals plants even Tiki statue like figures that represent speakers, which create motion in front of them.

The main character “BeatBuddy” swims through each of the challenges easy enough.  There is also a surge ability that he possesses to help move along a bit faster. But beware this can get you into trouble, as once the surge in direction starts it cannot be stopped.  During some of the challenges Beatbuddy can travel in a spherical shaped vehicle called a beatbuggy.  While driving it the surge type motion is even more apparent as it bobs up and down in time with the music.  This makes getting around in the buggy fairly difficult, be careful and surge on the beat.

This game is only for single player, there are no other modes available.

Final thoughts:

Being a fan of music in general, I really enjoyed this game.  Though for those musically challenged folk out there , beware. If you are a fan of music and have a few extra dollars this month why not give it a try.

I feel this game should get:  7  Qubes.


out of a possible 10.

JennyLeeP gave it: