FireFall News



The game FireFall is once again being actively developed, after RedFiveStudios received some much needed funding to complete the game. The game is to begin another round of Beta “delta” testing before being released some time in the next year.  For those that played the game, any resources you might have gathered will have to be converted to “Beta Resources” , as the crafting and resource gathering mechanic of the game is getting a much needed overhaul to simplify the whole process.

The Trade-In event to convert your old resources to Beta Resources will only last a short while. Any resources left in your inventory after the event ends will be lost. Rewards for those who turn in the most resources. Resource Migration Event

Also this weekend Starting today there is an event to try the Bastion Frame for free. Bunker Down With the Bastion

For more news check the official site FireFall

Firefall is a free to play MMO FPS 3PS currently in beta testing. We already have an army established in game, “QubeT”. Join us anytime, see you in game.  -JennyLeeP