Lumini  – is a 2.5D sidescrolling action/adventure game created by Speelbaars , an Indie company from The Netherlands.
The main character is a swarm or group of cute fish like creatures known as the Lumini.

Lumini are the inhabitants of an alien planet, that they share with all sorts of dangerous and hostile critters. It is your task to guide them through this beautiful, yet harsh, environment and bring them to safety.

During your travels you may painfully lose some of your swarm members, but do not despair. At several points in the game you can breed and possibly get more powerful Lumini, at the mysterious crystals, that seem to attract your sturdy friends.

The end goal is to help the Lumini safely migrate to a new safer world, where  they can thrive.

(Excerpts taken from Speelbaars Lumini description.)


  • Lumini is built on top of the Unity Game engine.
  • Can be run in many different resolutions in windowed or windowless modes.
  • Has partial controller support on PC and even recommends the use of a controller.




The textures and environment are beautiful, well executed for this type of puzzle game.  The music and environmental sounds are again very beautiful adding to the feeling of serenity and peace.  That is until you encounter a red object / creature, where the music can change and become much more dramatic.

The splitting of the swarm for puzzles and challenges is very unique, forcing you to use 2 hands to control the different swarms.  Those that are ambidextrous will have an easier time with this, or a properly setup controller that allows you to use 1 analog stick per swarm.

Platforms and availability:

Lumini is currently in Alpha stages, uncertain yet what platforms this will be available on, but since it is built on top of Unity, that may give a few clues.

Final thoughts: 

Keeping in mind that this game is very early on in development, it was still very enjoyable. Character movement is smooth and navigating through the environment was effortless.   In my opinion the challenges could be tougher and less obvious what needs to be avoided.  That or the target age demographic should be for a younger audience.   I do feel this game looks to be a very enjoyable one, and I will be keeping my eyes on it in the future.

Looking forward to what Speelbaars has to offer.

I am not going to give this game a rating yet, too early in its development.  Though based on looks and sounds, I would give it 9/10 Qubes

JennyLeeP gave it: