The Qubetubers modded server legacy continues with the New Dawn mod-pack. Everyone previously white-listed on our modded server is invited back to experience the New Dawn with us!

Our previous mod packs were attempts at balancing a modpack, and thus allowing for a more linear and prolonged gameplay, but we’ve learned that, that is a virtually impossible task, so this time around, we’re all about the mods, having fun, trying it all, and not having anything be more tedious than was intended by the mod creator.

This wasn’t an easy choice, as we would have loved to actually have some sort of end game in minecraft overall, but with most modded servers, there are a few main mods that are hard to ignore, and a lot of those make resources gathering more or less trivial. So it is impossible to prolong the experience that way. Instead we hope that the range and variety of mods in the pack will keep people playing for a long time. Not because it takes months to “complete” a mod, but because of the variety, and the desire to then try some of the other mods in the pack.

Curious newcomers are more than welcome to leave a little application on our forums.

We will process them as fast as our procrastinating human bodies will allow.

Apply here folks!

Any modded server is of course made possible by the amazingly creative and idea spouting mod devs that the minecraft community benefits so greatly from, and this server is no exception.

We hope to see old players returning and new players as well. We are both a PG-13 and mature community most of the time, banter is not frowned upon, and we can get rowdy, but we’re also a great place for parents to unload their kids and know that they’re in good hands..

Credits: Credit is of course due where it’s due. So here is a link to all the amazing mods and their respective interweb pages <3


A dedicated web page, with info and credits, for the server is in the works.

To QT Members who were already whitelisted on our Hyperqube2 or Hyperqube 3 servers, please come to the #qtoffice on irchighway for the link to the pack.