The QubeTubers gaming community will be hosting a Teeworlds tournament on Friday the 13th of September at 19:00 UTC (2pm Central Time). If you’re interested in joining us for this awesome event, check out Teeworlds at

We’ll be setting up a test server shortly, so if you want to get yourself ready for the big game, head over to for all the details you need to get on the server, as soon as we’ve set it up.

I’ve you wanna team up, talk to your friends now! Once you’ve all decided who should be in your super awesome team, register the team at and get ready for fight.

If you don’t have any specific people you wanna play with just make sure to sign up, and show up an hour before the event starts. We’ll match you up with some other cool people.

Bring your fighter spirit, and your gun, because it’s gonna be a blast!