With the 1.2 update just around the corner, what new features can we expect to see? The developers have been a bit hush hush so as to not give away the secrets too early. But there are a few features that have been confirmed or seen in recent teaser vids. Here is a list of a few of them.

  • New Biomes – Snow / ice.
  • New Music – many new tracks according to demilogic
  • Music Teaser video
  • Taller trees
  • Many new creatures including , Fish (flying and in water) also NPC’s.
  • Many new blocks , slabs , stairs and decorative blocks like Moss stone.
  • New Weapons and tools including but not limited to – New Grapling Hook

Watch these Vids for more info – ( Caution Spoiler Vid )

Digging through the rumors has been fun , playing the update should be even more so.
Plans are to have a Terraria server up and running with 1.2 – sometime after the update.
Teaser Video
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