Welcome! This is just a short and random rant about the five main games I’ve played this month. The time-frames just reflect how much time I’ve put into said games, roughly.  Enjoy and hopefully you get something meaningful out of this, or at least I can crack a smile or even half a chuckle out of you! D:


5. Farming Simulator 2013

Time Played: 1 hour

Site: http://www.farming-simulator.com


Okay so I’ve not played many simulators. I got really into simcity when I was a kid, Sim2 was rocking, now this? This I’m going to have to give an honest effort before I think I might find myself getting sucked in. I do love micromanaging games, and this game certainly has that. You actually feel like, in my impression, that you’re working. That there’s meaning to what you’re doing, and what your doing takes time. You gotta hook that seeder thing up to the back of your big tired thing and go drop some seeds, but oh wait you don’t own that field! Better save up to buy it or figure out how to use the map to find your own field. I do find it great you can hire workers, and apparently the multiplayer is way more fun.


I found the game really tedious for the first hour, which is all I’ve had the chance to play so far. I plan to create a short LP series for the game and then write a more indepth review of it here for you guys so come back and check for it.


…being able to go cross-country with my tractors seems promising.


P.S. Thanks TTK for gifting this game to me!


4. Don’t Starve

Time Played: 20 Hours

Site: http://www.dontstarvegame.com/


I just love this game to death. The music, the art, the game play, items, monsters, legit fear and laughs.  This indie-title is on steam and I really recommend getting it if you haven’t already. If your not sure, watch my youtube series here to get a feel for the game.


So your character starts off by being threatened by this demonic investment banker in a fine suit before he puffs away in a blossom of burning money—okay I don’t think he’s actually a banker at all.


So that’s the name of the game, right? Don’t starve? Sounds so simple, right? So so wrong. You gather and craft in this game, and I’ve yet to live to the 20 day mark. Its challenging and as the days progress, they get more and more challenging. Being in the dark means death from an unknown foe, and as the days go on more and more monsters appear to kill you. However you can also make friends! Pigmen and beefalo like you, if you know what appeases them. There’s all sorts of quirky little bits, but be careful not to read to much on the game before playing because discovering all these bits is the best part. Everytime I play I find something new.


The game’s regularly updated too, so its great to be able to look forward to new content.


3. Dwarf Fortress

Time Played: 30 Hours

Site: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/


If you haven’t played or heard of dwarf fortress, then you must be trapped in a trolls cave. This indie game which has the most advanced graphics of any indie you’ve ever played..all in ASCII…will just blow your mind.  If you just googled ASCII or had a glance at a screenshot of the game, you’ll realize I’m being sarcastic. The graphics don’t really exist. What’s happening in the game is represented by characters, in fact have a look at this list!


Speaking seriously now though, the games mechanics are just mindblowing. The death of character development in both oral history and stats is crazy for the way the game looks, and the world itself you try to survive in is massive. Resources must be gathered, refined, and crafted. Food must be grown, Ale must be brewed, and above all you must prepare for the coming of the end. Because the game will end—which in the Dwarf Fortress world is called fun—and the end will likely come from shocking places. Sometimes within, your own dwarfs may turn on each other, you may run out of water from a freeze, you might flood your own home, or maybe out of no where a monster comes bursting forth from a cave you just exposed and now you’re all dead.


One element of the game I love the most is stockpiling. There are hundreds of items in the game, and I hear there is a modded version of the game with even more called Masterwork. I’m no expert on Dwarf Fortress, and those who are are few and far between. The game has a massive learning curve but once you get down the controls, which could take a few hours to a few days, then its amazing how it sucks you in.


Build a Fortress, better yet build a legacy. That’s what it feels like playing in this game and actually surviving for more than one season. Every time you have some fun (i.e. game over) and start over, the game just some how gets stranger and even more complex. Everytime you think you have the game down and nothing could go wrong, get ready, because you can’t prepare for what you don’t know and there is always more you don’t know.


I suggest that you should have already started downloading and installing this game by now, okay?


2. Firefall

Time Played: 15 Hours

Site: http://www.firefallthegame.com/


This RPG/FPS Mix MMO is pretty nice. Several players from Qubetubers are currently on it (search for the army ‘Qubetubers’). You gather resources, build up your battleframes which act as your ‘level’, and explore and protect the world from aliens from another dimension. The graphics are stunning, with landscapes that are filled with skyscraper sized coral to lush jungles. I’ve had fun playing, but I do feel its a bit of a chore to grind for resources and that the action is a bit repetitive. There’s not really set ‘quests’ or ‘missions’ in the traditional sense.  Still, I think there’s much yet I’ve delved into with the game and hope to explore more of it in the future.


Its free to play, though the game itself is a few gigabytes so if you’ve got the space and the power to run it, I say give it a shot.


1. League of Legends

Time Played: 30 Hours

Site: http://www.leagueoflegends.com


I sure do love my League of Legends. The game’s a sort of spinoff/rip-off depending on who you ask of Dota.  The class of game is Moba, which stands for Must Obtain Bas—Um, Massive Online Battle Arena. I always describe it as being sort of capture the flag meets RPG.  You start poor and without items at the start of the match, and as you play you get more money, you get more levels, you get more items.  Every champion, that you as a summoner control, has different abilities and attributes which are further enhanced by items.


So I’m currently trying to get to Silver V—oh let me explain. There are several ranks in League of Legends, just like you’d find in a tourny. Bronze is the lowest, and Diamond or Plat is the highest I think. I’m currently in Bronze III trying to get to the lowest Silver rank of V. The game has seasons, and we’re currently in Season 3 which ends November 11th. Getting to the Silver Rank means goodies for me!


I don’t recommend this game because I care about you. It eats your time and life and there’s no ‘end’ game too it.  So unless you have endless free time, try not to get hooked!


Thanks for reading!

~ Syntria