IndieWeekend is all about celebrating the creativity of indie game developers all over the world; from the commercially successful to obscure and virtually unknown. Its about showcasing games that you, as a community, enjoy playing – whether it’s alpha, beta, early access or already out – and getting more people interested in them.

But, with so many games out there, and so many more¬†coming out (including the bigger AAA titles that demand so much of our attention), it can be difficult to keep up with the plethora of fun and niche titles coming from indie devs and studios. And that’s where we need your help!

How You Can Help

Do¬†you have any great titles that you’d like to see featured this coming IndieWeekend? Perhaps you know an indie game or developer that you feel is woefully underexposed, or maybe you just love a game so much that you want it to be successful so that it continues to grow. We want to hear your suggestions.

Leave a comment on this page, or send us a tweet @QubeTubers with your suggestions. A brief overview of the type of game and a link to the website will be helpful too.