Steam Greenlight, for the uninitiated, is a program where developers can submit their games to Steam to be voted on by the unwashed masses.  If it gains enough popular support, Steam will add the game to their library, and that about sums up everything that I know about it.  Every now and then a great game that deserves a lot of added popularity and support will come through, although I mostly know if for filling my home page with a new, inane one-hit-wonder Whatever Simulator (see below).



With any luck, Suddenly Gravity will be one of the good ones.  From the video and description, it looks charmingly like a combination between Portal and VVVVVV.  Although there doesn’t appear to be any portals or consonant V’s to speak of, the cube-and-sphere based puzzles look very familiar. However entertaining running along the ceiling and dropping blocks onto buttons can be, I’m holding out hope that there’s more to the game than that.  The visuals so far are endearing, if somewhat sparse, reminiscent of a cross between Minecraft and a 16-bit RPG like Breath of Fire or Secret of Mana.  I’m crossing my fingers that it all comes together with some clever writing to be a great budget puzzle-platformer.



Rag Doll Joe, meanwhile, looks to be yet another slap-dash phone game lookalike.  The entire premise of the game is that you wiggle a crudely-drawn man back and forth before releasing him in an attempt to knock over a pile of objects.  I understand if you’re not currently tripping over your own feet in a mad dash to go and vote for it.  The game was recently updated to change the controls from throwing your ragdoll man with your mouse to waggling him maniacally with your A and D keys, because the best thing about physics games is limiting them to a single plane.  Instead of lobbing your poor avatar a dozen feet into the air to flop onto a pyramid of olive jars like a giant, hilarious sack of wet flour, you are now constricted to merely flopping him forward like a wobbly, moist frisbee.  But if you’re ever on the market for a tiny, boring Angry Birds, this game has everything that you need.



The exciting coat-tail-rider to Goat Simulator, it’s People Will Buy Literally Anything Simulator! (Also known as Grass Simulator 2014).  I thought Farming Simulator was bad, but then someone decided to ask the question “How ridiculous and boring can we make something and still sell it?”  Here is your answer.  Who says video games aren’t a serious art medium?