(Warning this review has minor spoilers but none of which give away any story arc or events in the story mainly AWESOME TIPS and MAJORLY AWESOME SUGGESTIONS without further or do)


First things first, the overall gameplay has received a major boost but unlike animal crossing the game is not in complete 3D. The regular walking around and exploring is still in 2d (I’ll get to the movement later). However, those things that is in 3D… well never the less THEY ROCK!!! 3D battles are really nice and the major cut scenes are also in 3D. The next feature is one I have been waiting on for a long time. It is now possible to move in 8 directions instead of just 4. So now you can move diagonally, this is both a blessing and a little bit of a curse. If you are facing diagonally and standing right in front of Nurse Joy you cannot talk to her unless you look straight at her; but I’m glad they did that in this game being the fact that the 3DS and the 2ds have a joystick I wouldn’t expect less.   Another change in Pokémon X that is different from the previous games is they changed some of the sounds that the sprites make i.e. Pikachu sounds like Pikachu. No longer does he make that annoying sound that it had from the 8-bit era. Next to last thing I’m going to talk about on general gameplay that is an improvement is when someone wants to trade/give you a Pokémon in game (townspeople) you no longer have to run back to the nearest PC to either get the Pokémon or empty a slot. It will either bring up your boxes for you to get the Pokémon for you to trade; or just deposit the gift Pokémon in the PC for you. Finally, how you gain experience has been upgraded. Your Pokémon now gain experience by catching wild Pokémon and it made easier to level up your Pokémon with the new EXP share (Which you will see below). Now you will no longer have to choose between leveling up and catching wild Pokémon. Do whatever you want.

The next change they made is in the lower screen set up. Super Training has mini games that can be used to strengthen your Pokémon’s base stats by playing these games. You can also play with your Pokémon using the Pokémon-Amie and build their friendship level. The saving is a bazillion times faster. Now the item bag/menu has received a makeover. Your Pokémon party will always be on the left and when you click on a medicine on the same screen you can apply it to the Pokémon without changing screens. This is also handy with your TMs and HMs menu the party will immediately show you which Pokémon can use which TM/HM as you scroll down the list. That is all I’m about to talk about when it comes to the menu. I’m not going to go over the Pokédex or anything else I’m going to let you experience that yourself.

Two major things I want to tell you about that some may deem spoilers are where you get the EXP SHARE and what it now does; and the Friend  Safari Zone.

EXP share you get in Santalune City after you beat the first Gym leader the lady is found at the entrance of the northern path out of the city. The difference from this EXP share than the previous game is that you can turn it on and off and you don’t give it to a single Pokémon. It is kept in your Key Items. The updated EXP share will give you primary Pokémon leader 100% of the EXP points from the battle then takes 50% of that and gives it to the rest of your party. So for instance you get 100 EXP from defeating a wild Pokémon. 100 EXP goes to the one who defeated it; and 50 EXP goes to each of your party Pokémon.

The Friend Safari Zone uses your friend codes to determine how many maps you get and which Pokémon will be in them. Basically, the more friend codes you have the more zones you have opened to you. That’s all I’m going to say about this part. There is a page in the forum that I set up months ago where QubeTubers members can place their friend code and this gives our community a head start in catching them all. The link to the forum topic is: http://qubetubers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1760

My official review is 9.0 out of 10. The reason I didn’t give it a 10 out of 10 is Team Flare… you will find out why soon enough. But that may change later on in the game but for now way to go Team Flare.

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