The Background
Adventures of Pip was originally being backed by a publishing company and was meant to be a mobile phone release only. The developer, Tic Toc Games, felt that this would waste the potential of the concept. To allow for more creative freedom, and a wider variety of platforms for the game, they decided to develop the game on their own instead. Tic Toc Games is now looking for funds to finish developing the game, and they have created a Kickstarter to this end. The Kickstarter is nearly a third of the way to their 90.000 USD goal, and there’s a little over two weeks left for the project to get completely funded.

Adventures of Pip - Spirit

Adventures of Pip Screenshot

The Story
The story follows Pip, a citizen of Pixel Kingdom, who is tasked with recovering the Pixels that were stolen from the Kingdom by the Dark Queen. Although not a particularly original plot from the looks of it, the Kickstarter page mentions how what he finds when he finally meets her face-to-face might not be what he was bargaining for…’, hinting that the storyline might be a step above the usual Indie platformer story.

Adventures of Pip - Frog

Adventures of Pip Screenshot


The Game
Judging from the first gameplay footage released, Adventures of Pip seems to have taken a lot of inspiration from classic platformers. The game features side-scrolling run and jump gameplay, broken up by combat and boss fights. The unique mechanic that sets apart Adventures of Pip from classic platform games is the addition of the Pixels. After starting out as a single block, the player has to battle monsters, collect Pixels, and slowly evolve into a fully animated hero. The Pixels are the basis for ‘ a unique system of leveling and abilities’, which promises to introduce RPG characteristics to the genre.

From the looks of it the game is going to have solid gameplay, stunning graphics and great music. Combine this with a fair amount of potential replay value thanks to the RPG elements, and Adventures of Pip is very promising. If you’re a fan of the classic platformer, this game will no doubt make for a great project for you to back on Kickstarter.

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The Developer
The Kickstarter