New York City. A torrent of rain hammers the pavement filling the night air with an eerie sense. A cloaked women dashes across the street with a bundle in her arms. She drops the bundle off at the top of stairs of an orphanage. But as she places the bundle down the blanket falls away revealing a large oval metal capsule shimmering in the faint street light. The women scuttles off before a group of Nuns answer the door. The nuns take the capsule inside the orphanage and place it upon an altar, causing the capsule to open and reveal what looks to be a dinosaur egg. The nuns jump in surprise as they hear inside the egg a faint clicking sound. They all step backwards their faces stricken with fear, the egg hatches open to reveal a newborn baby girl covered in pale green slime.



Based off the Mario video game franchise by Nintendo, Super Mario Bros. attempts to create a believable world infused with the lore of the Mario universe. I was honestly surprised to find out many famous actors played roles in this film. I would have figured that their careers would have ended with this movie. But actors such as Bob Hoskins who played Mario -known for acting in Who framed Roger Rabbit and Hook- and Samantha Mathis starring as Daisy -acted in American Psycho and Broken Arrow- took part in the film and probably saved what little the movie put forth.

As previously stated the movie begins in New York City, where Daisy -the girl who hatched from an egg- is on a construction site digging up fossils. Where in a roundabout way meets up with Mario and Luigi after some of the construction companies thugs threaten to disband the excavation. But Luigi protects her. But the thugs have none of that and sabotage the site by breaking pipes and flood the area. But the dig site is saved by Mario and Luigi who happen to be plumbers. But in the process of fixing the leak Daisy is captured by two random bumbling thugs who jump through a stone wall -similar to that of Platform 9 ¾ from the Harry Potter Series-. Sound crazy yet? Mario and Luigi follow after thugs only to find on the other side of the stone wall an entire city teeming with life. What we find out most of the way through the movie is that the city is actually another world which is ruled by the ancestors of the Dinosaurs. The way the movie explained it was the meteor that we thought killed the dinosaurs actually created two different world. One on which humans thrived and the other one containing dinosaurs. But their world is dying off quickly since they have stripped the entire planet of plants and minerals. So the master of the city known as Koopa wishes to connect the worlds into one, and invade our earth and take our resources.

The entire movie makes everything really awkward, especially if you have ever played or heard of a Mario game. In the games the creatures are cute and seemingly harmless, but the movie turns them into dark depressing psychopaths. Along with that the Mario series is aimed mainly at children, but the movie makes random scenes oddly and unnecessarily sexual. For example a character named Big Bertha runs a club and Mario has to dance with her in order to obtain a necklace. Mario ends up trying to bite the necklace off of her which looks wrong in this circumstance.


The most impressive aspect of the movie is probably the living world that was created; the city feels like a city. The different people that Mario and Luigi run into could have been real people. They make the city feel what people would expect New York to be like, thieves around every corner, dark, and dirty. One of the aspects that really stood out were the cars, they followed the trolley type, where they get power from the lines above. Since Fossil fuels don’t exist on this planet. But because of the dingy destroyed world the motors have been modified to accept electricity and because of that they shoot sparks everywhere.

There are two type of people who I believe would love to watch this movie, those who have played any Mario games, or people who love watching terrible movies. The movie is filled with subpar acting, more than often terrible dialogue, and awful representation of beloved video game characters. I personally had a great laugh watching the movie, and watching it with my family made the experience that much better when we ragged on it. Super Mario Bros can give many people a good laugh.