The Stanley Parable follows a young man named…well…Stanley who presses buttons on a keyboard when told by his computer. But one day Stanley goes to work and realizes he is the only one at the office. So he sets off on his way to his bosses office, to ask where everyone is. Only to have his every thought and action narrated.



Originally a mod on the Source Engine. The Stanley Parable was created by Davey Wreden who began wondering what if the player went against what the game wanted? So Wreden having no prior knowledge of the Source Engine set out to make an experiment. After some marvelous voice acting from Kevin Brighting and some forum searches later. Wreden had posted The Stanley Parable on the website ModDB. The mod soon became a smash hit with gamers and Wreden was overwhelmed with support, indie developers asking to help finish the game, and job offers from large companies. Wreden declined the offers from the large companies, but did enlist the help of a fellow indie dev to help finish the game. William Pugh a previous Saxxy Award winner was enlisted for his knowledge of the Source Engine, and convinced Werden to alter the existing game and add much more to it.


The Stanley Parable is a Single-Player Interactive Narrative Fiction game. In which the player controls Stanley in a First Person Point of View and chooses Stanley’s path through the entire game. The game offers a plethora of endings each one better than the last. Including and not limited to broom closets, nuclear demise, and eternal happiness.


For a person who originally played the mod, and left pleasantly satisfied with it. I didn’t expect a full game release, and boy was I in for a surprise when I saw the game on the front page of steam. When I booted into the game I was greeted by the greatest menu ever. On the right there was a computer displaying the same menu I was seeing and when you moved your mouse the mouse on the screen would move along with yours. Already a promising sign of things to come. As I played through the game it gave me a feeling of loneliness my only company was the white noise of the air conditioning and Brighting’s masterful voice acting. The game itself has little “gameplay” in the sense of the word the entire game is based around the narrator and the players interaction with him. At times the voice acting started to make me feel bad for going against him; although, that’s probably because I was throwing myself off a cliff continuously. While running through the game I began to look for ways to bug the Narrator. Going against his every request for example  to “go through the red door” and as previously stated throwing myself over cliffs. I soon realized I had become a sociopath, but I just couldn’t stop. I wanted to hear every last line of snarky dialogue the narrator had to say, and experience every possible ending. I was truly laughing at many parts in the game.

Final Thoughts

The Stanley Parable is an amazing work of art making you constantly ask the question, “what if?” Then Following through with it. So if you have a few dollars laying around the game is worth the money. If your strapped for cash the original mod is still up on the ModDB website and will still give you a grand ol’ time.




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