The first game I remember playing was the original Stronghold. I have played countless hours of the campaign and probably double that in free play mode. But even more than that Stronghold spawned my love of Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. But the worst part about the genre is often many game are awful, unbalanced, have an inactive online community, and/or cost an arm, leg, sometimes your soul.


However now you have no need to worry about losing your soul to a sub-par RTS. While perusing the internet I have found a free RTS. Little War Game(LWG) is a browser based RTS this means basically any computer including your grandmas computer could probably run it. LWG offers a full map editor, free online multiplayer for up to four players at a time. On any of the maps. But one of the things that I was impressed about is that the game has a replay system readily available so there might in be in the future a possible esports community surrounding the game.

LWG has a cute graphic style that radiates classic RPG games which pulls my nostalgia strings just enough to shed a single manly tear. Although one downside I have found is the game seems a bit slower than other RTSs Although that is probably due to the animations have that classic style.

The game is still being updated with a very large list of To-Dos however the devs are very active in the forums even asking for player input on what they think about certain balance changes and possible new additions to the game.

Despite a few insignificant bugs LWG is already a solid RTS, and I can’t wait to see what the dev has in store for the future of the game.


If you’d like to play Little War Game: