Did you miss today’s community meeting? It’s okay, SurrealDelight has got your back. In this post, I will be going through all the major points covered in the meeting! The next meeting is scheduled to be October 12th (may be the 19th), so don’t miss it!

This wall of text is probably going to make you not want to read this, so have some mindblow.




Kickstarter: You should expect to see some Kickstarter posts coming soon from yours truly, JennyLeeP and SilverDragon (and potentially more people). These posts will show new games that are out on Kickstarter looking for funding. The posts won’t just stop at kickstarter, there may also be games coming from Steam’s Greenlight that may need help getting to the top. These posts will include a link to said game and what is needed to get the game to be released as an actual game!

Charities/Fundraisers: A lot of current QubeTubers came from charity events, so you should be expecting for some to come back soon™. The current QubeTubers team are planning for small-monthly events with small goals to get QubeTubers back into that giving vibe.

HyperQube: Sadly, not much news on the new HyperQube server. Some points worth going over is that CyaNox is working on a tool to make the development a lot more easier and fluid than past developments. If you want to potentially help out with this development, be sure to join the #HyperQube channel on IRC!

Forum/Website Changes: Some changes to the website and/or forums may be coming up in the upcoming weeks. A lot of forum bugs have been squashed and some QT-Wiki updates. Here are a few sneak peeks of the new site!

Tournaments: If you were around for the Teeworlds tournament, you would know that it was a blast for everyone, so expect a few more tournaments coming soon! There are various games planned for tournaments, including Teeworlds, MineCraft, and HedgeWorlds. A HedgeWorlds tournament is planned for October 5th, and you should expect some kind of MineCraft tournament/TeeWorlds tournament in the next 5 weeks (all of this is subject to change).

Other QubeTubers Servers: The QubeTubers team is planning to have a TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) server. Another server there has been chat about is a Terraria server, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Podcast: As you may or may not know, Harrihu is planning to make a podcast with the QubeTubers team! A meeting for the podcast is going to be announced soon, and everyone is welcome to join!

Media Team: SurrealDelight (Me!) is looking to start a team of people for a media team. This team would be responsible for making weekly videos (stream highlights?) and/or general media for the team. If you know how to use any video/audio/photo editing software, you could pm me on IRC or steam for more details on the team.

Qubetubers – The App: If you are skilled in the art of app-making, QubeTubers is looking for someone to make a QubeTubers app! If you think you can do this, be sure to contact someone in the office.

That about does it for the recap, be sure to make it next time!