Hello everyone! Syntria here to just give you all a heads up.

Index (Yep, I typed that much)

  1. Community Charter Revisions
    1. General
    2. Streamer Specific
  2. Streamer Guidelines
    1. Clarification of QT Stream Team (Watch Page) and QT Twitch Team
    2. Twitch Team Requirements
    3. QT Stream Team / Watch Page Requirements
    4. Building Your Own Brand Guidelines
  3. Promoting QubeTubers
    1. Ideas about how to Promote QubeTubers. Quasi Required for QT Stream Team Members.
    2. Create QTHype by being more active
    3. Use Discord to discuss games both in voice and text – Get your own channels for doing so
  4. Supporting QubeTubers
    1. Accepting Donations
    2. Donating Game Keys
    3. Community Powered Game Servers

Community Charter Revision

I just wanted to let everyone know we’ve revised our community charity. Most ‘rules’ have been removed and are instead deemed common sense and issues will be resolved by a case-by-case basis if and when they arise.

It is particularly important for all streamers to read this Charter. There are no mandatory rules for any streamer on their personal channels, however anyone that violates the charter on a regular or extreme basis on their own streams risks losing being on our /watch page as well as potentially being dropped from the team.

Please reply to this post confirming that you have read the charter and feel free to give any feedback you have on it. It maybe updated based on feedback.

Streamer Guidelines

Clarification – The QT Stream Team and QT Twitch Team are treated differently. New streamers as well as QT-Friends are on the Twitch Team while only active members of the community who actively promote, positively represent, and participate in the community are members of the QT Stream Team.

What is required to join the QubeTubers Stream Team? Very little, in reality. This is not some elite club or inner circle team. This team is open to anyone in the community who streams and at least loosely adheres to the principals in the community charter.  Such things as reasonable quality, both in video, audio, and commentary should go without saying. There are exceptions to membership such as QT-Friends who are streamers who support QT during events but are generally not active members of the community. We do want to try to keep the team ‘Indie’ centric, but artists and mainstream game players are still welcome.

What is required to join the Watch page on QubeTubers? A little more than above. Regular community engagement, both in streaming and offline. This means retweeting, commenting on articles, chatting in discord, and playing games with the community. It is also highly encouraged that streamers promote the QubeTubers Discord and other platforms. We would strongly encourage all streamers to add a ‘join discord’ auto-posting link to their chat-bots, and/or proud member of the QubeTubers Team/Community to their twitch descriptions.  For many, these streamers are the face of QubeTubers.

Building your own Brand. Trust me, I get this. I’m doing this myself. Some streamers are happy to just be representing an extension of the QubeTubers community in their streams. However many of you also want to build your own brands. By that I mean you want to make a name for yourself, you want to become a well known streamer in your own right. I am here to say clearly THAT IS AWESOME! QubeTubers wants to help you do that, our community wants to help you do that.  Here are a few issues that could arise that I would like to address clearly right now though.

  • You CAN have your own brand, your own social media, your own discord, your own everything! Make your own shirts, hold your own events, woohoo! Go for it!
  • You can NOT be on the watch page if you primarily promote another gaming community over QubeTubers unless it is specifically focused on a personal brand about you as an individual streamer.
  • Concerning only the TwitchTeam and not the QT team / watch page. Some of our team members are QT-Friends and are not on our Watch Page for a reason. They are part of our team, but not an active part of our community or promote things that are not about QubeTubers primarily nor are their personal brand. This is an intentional arrangement. The /watch page is where we start to get more picky about what you are representing because you are now featured on the QubeTubers website.
  • Streamers who are members of multiple twitch teams will be reviewed and removed from the QT Team if they do not stream under our team handle at least 50% of the time.

Promoting QubeTubers (Members, Streamers, Writers, etc.)

All watch page streamers, and community members for that matter, are highly encouraged to promote and support QubeTubers. Every new friend, viewer, or random in-game player you bring to our Discord and other platforms is significant, even if they only stay for a short time. New faces, new topics, new blood–all of this is a healthy thing for QubeTubers. It generates energy and activity.

  • Promote QubeTubers by inviting your friends list to the Steam Page. We will be actively using this more in the near future for Event Announcements, Giveaways, and more.
  • Comment, Retweet, Share, Like, Make Forum Threads, Print stuff shirts, buy a sky-banner to be dragged behind a plane all the things! When we create articles, when we host events, when we have giveaways—make sure everyone knows about it inside and outside of the community. This shows activity, this shows passion, and it increases interest. Your positive activity matters and has a ripple effect of creating more.
  • Add QubeTubers related info or graphics to all of your profiles, signatures, and more around the internet. ‘Member of QubeTubers’ ‘Streamer for QubeTubers’ ‘Writer for QubeTubers’. Join the friendliest Gaming Community Discord around. @QubeTubers in tweets, post links to discord in general conversations, welcome and invite people to join us. Many people are looking for a community like this, but they need to know they are welcome.
  • Tell Randoms in game that you are playing with or talking to that your gaming community is looking for new members and whisper/pm/post the information for it.
  • Use the Discord for your game-related discussions both in text and voice. If there is any subject matter or game that would require it’s own dedicated voice channel or text-space, let me or Logiz know and you will have it. Channels that go unused for two weeks or more are usually removed.

Support QubeTubers – Servers, $$, and Game-Codes

  • Money & Monthly Humble Bundle Idea – We’ve proudly been overhead free for over six months now. Even though it is disappointing to not have our own beast of a gaming server, it has made the community run much smoother as a whole. It has removed the stress and ‘job’ like elements of the community from many. With that being said, we have nothing in the paypal for any ‘extras’ like Giveaways. One idea I’ve had is that QubeTubers signs up for the Monthly Humble Bundle to generate monthly game-codes for giveaways. This would require $12 in donations per month. Another great way to support QubeTubers is by supporting streamers directly through tips and donations though QubeTubers holds no official policy nor control over those tips and how they are used when donated to an individual.
  • Game-Code Donations are also highly sought after for special occasions and events. Email Game-Codes to QubeTubers@gmail.com
  • Community Servers – We are highly encouraging community members who have their own game servers, bought or self-hosted, to join our Community Server Hub. The terminology I would like to use this is ‘X’s Server hosting the QubeTubers Community’. The Server Admin is the final say and runs the server how they wish, but still must follow the principals outlined in the community charter and make an honest attempt to accommodate all community members who wish to participate. Actions on these game servers can have community consequences–if someone aggressively harasses someone on one of these servers or griefs it, there can be repercussions in their privileges within the community leading all the way up to a total ban.
  • Create a User profile on the QubeTubers site if you have not already. The more members and content we have, the more cool stuff the site can later do.

Please respond to this post stating you read the community charter at very least and to show support for more news posts in the future. We also need more people to create profiles on the site for various reasons and update them with all of your online platforms. If you click ‘log-in’ you have a one-click login for google+, facebook, twitter, or instagram if you don’t want to go through the hassle of filling stuff out. In addition, the Forum has been removed from the links section in the header but if a group of people would like to have a forum-revolution let me know and I will add it back but we will need a group of dedicated people creating threads and responding to them to breath life back into it.