General Meeting/Gathering set for 2pm (American CST) Saturday August 1st via IRC (or Mumble if available). Click Community -> Chatroom to access the IRC Web-Chat or get the IRC connection info.

Greetings friends,

First before I start the blob of information, please take the time to login and reply to this post. Even lurkers, I need to know how many folks are still around that care enough to keep this site going, even if it is only as a little hangout place for us.

Secondly, though this could have gone first, I love you guys. I have so many great memories, and I know I haven’t even been to socially active with most of you. I regret that.

QubeTubers is NOT dead but it isn’t active either. We don’t generate the traffic we use to, because we missed staying on that Minecraft train in the right way and now we’re part of an overly saturated gaming niche. So we’re not generating new blood (new members) to replace the old members that naturally leave for various reasons. We haven’t been in a long time. I’m to blame for that, as I’ve only occasionally had bursts of interest in recruiting and creating events. To grow the community we need everyone in it always inviting friends, trying to find ways to bring people in, generating ideas, creating content (anyone can create articles and submit them), and doing livestreams. Most of us who use to do those things have found other passions in life or have become jaded for various reasons.

We did have a GREAT time doing the IndieWeekend recently however, and all our other past events I’m so proud of. They will be few and far between, but we will still have occasional stand-alone events.

Concerning the Game-Servers. They have always been a big money drain on the community. However when they were active, it was worth it.  I proactively made the change from a $150 server to a $60 server near the start of the year to try to compensate for the slowing of donations. It was enough to keep us going for another six months however it maybe time to call it. We’re two months behind, and only have enough to pay about half of what we owe for the server. The biggest donator lately has been DigSomeMore/BuySomeMore and Gainer Guy (thank you!). However I DO NOT feel right that a server is being supported by only a few people when it is so inactive. If the site does not need the funds in the next month or two, I’ll be refunding the most recent donations. I do not enjoy nor want to endorse having to beg or donations to keep a service online. Concerning backups of Maps and the like, I haven’t a clue. I don’t know how to use the server/run the server and what backups were made or are available I’m not sure. Since the servers not online, unless backups were made recently which I warned people to do a month ago, than there maybe lost data unless we pay for the server to get back online just to make backups.

I propose we start a Community Powered Gaming Hub. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile. This would mean all game-servers we have are community powered, hosted by community members and controlled by them, and are posted in a central location on the site that those who host the servers can access to update. Please contact me ( or via gtalk ( if you’d like to participate in this. It can be any game, and any game-server as long as anyone can join (within reason) and the server is overall friendly.

Concerning Mumble. We’ll try to have Mumble back online as soon as possible, with the domain and/or Keep an eye on this post’s replies to see when it goes online.

  • If you want to see QubeTubers become more active, please consider doing one of the following
    • Reply to this post with feedback, or even just a quick ‘here’.
    • Create/Reply to posts in the forums about various subjects.
    • Create/Reply to Articles/Game-News. We had some great writers but they stopped because no one was replying to their posts.
    • Find newbies on the internet via twitter, other forums, or in-games and invite them to hangout in IRC/Mumble with you and play with them. That’s the best way to start building membership is one-on-one friendly interactions with strangers.
    • Live-stream. If you have a live-stream channel, even if you aren’t a ‘streamer’ let us know and we’ll add it to our list. Suggest entertaining people for us to add to our watch page as well that aren’t necessarily QT-affiliated so we have active content on there more often.
    • Community-Powered Game-Servers – Get your servers online, and post the connection info in the comments. If we have a few out there hosting game-servers, I’ll create the hub page ( ). I will see if I can set accesses up so that trusted-community members can edit/moderate that page.
    • If you would like to be a moderator/staff member, let me know. If you’ve been around for a long time and are willing to update/monitor the site, I’m probably interested empowering you to do so.
    • Actively do stuff. If you want to have a get together in a certain game a certain night, let us know.
    • Research. Go online and research ways to help a website grow, particularly a gaming website. I’ve done this, but I haven’t the time or creativity to be pouring a lot of energy into the site but if everyone did a little something each, it would add up to something huge and we could really bring life back into the community.

I know this isn’t a very articulated post. I’m pounding this out while on lunch at work just to get everyone up to speed. I know I’m not aware of everything going on in the community, due to my personal absence.  Please personally contact me if you have any knowledge or input you don’t want to share publicly (@Syntria on Twitter, add me on, GTalk or Email

Hope you all will reply to this post, with whatever you are feeling. Communication is everything. If we aren’t talking to each other as a whole community, we can’t do anything. Do not be afraid to say anything, even if it is negative, even if your angry (just don’t be hateful). Also feel free to just talk about memories or things you adore on the site now. <3 Be heard.

~ Syntria