“Shardbound is a Tactical CCG for PC that combines board-based tactical gameplay with the depth of content found in collectible card games.”

” The core of the game is a competitive 1v1 PvP experience which we’ve wrapped in an innovative social metagame that not only allows players to have fun with their friends, but also provides streamers and their viewers exciting new ways to interact and play together on Twitch.” Directly off Kickstarter page. 

This beautiful game with deep Twitch integration’s has already not only reached its goal of raising 50k, but doubled that. Even still, this project could benefit from more support. The game looks solid and the graphics are polished, and it also brings in some unique twitch features that track players you watch and allow you to interact with them directly or their own content while they stream through the game.

The team of this game is even more impressive than the game itself. Members of the team have worked for giants such as EA, Riot Games, Walt Disney, LucasArts, and more. They have worked on such well known games like League of Legends, The Sims, Marvel Hero’s, and Spore.

Check out their kickstarter, with 18 days left to show your support as of writing this.

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