So let’s take Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and Gnomoria, roll them up into a unrecognizable wad of possibilities and toss it into space and you have Universe Edge…well, eventually.

Universe Edge is in the earliest phases of development, with a one man development team and only five months behind it. Personally like the kickstarter Rimworld that I backed, I’m really interested in seeing how this game progresses.

Universe Edge Screenshot

Universe Edge Screenshot

Universe Edge is just the sort of game that tickles my fancy and satisfies my god complex. I just love having total control over the happiness and misery of a collection of little minions who depend on me for everything..but in turn I also depend on them surviving in order to accomplish my goals be that building the largest space-station in the universe or being two lone lovers exploring the vast reaches of deep space and starting a Homestead on an asteroid that’s never been touched or seen by another living thing!

Below is an except from the Official Kickstarter page for Universe Edge about what features will be developed over the next year.

What features to expect in the build on June 2015 :

  • An extensive collection of different shaped blocks for ship building.
  • Manage your crew, set their task, provide their needs, guide them to survive.
  • Build and design your power-grid, hydroponics, life-support, weaponry system, waste-disposal, water recycling, crew recreational activities, food production, and other item crafting production chains.
  • Several star-systems that contains planets, asteroids and other structures.
  • Roaming AI ships that you can interact / trade / fight.
  • Control multiple ships. One could be in another star-system, and the other on a different star-system. One could focus on gathering resource, the other could focus as a Battleship.
  • Crew visual customization and skill progression.

Universe Edge is shaping up to have vast potential but it seems to be a little too early to tell if this game will be a success or not, given this is the developer Albert Olivera’s first major project.

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Universe Edge Screenshot

Universe Edge Screenshot

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You can checkout the Kickstarter for Universe Edge here.