Please note that this Early Assessment and is only current as of Alpha 14.

Have you ever wanted to run a prison. Of course you have don’t be silly. Well you are in luck Prison Architect came to steam through early access and has since become one of my favorite games to kick back and zone out for a few hours with. The point of the game is to build the best possible prison and generate as much money as possible. The game reminds me of the Tycoon games in which you control every aspect of the thing you are creating.

The game is extremely in depth for alpha and is more than playable, and includes a great tutorial. As you play though the game you learn of many things, for example I found out Prisoners can tunnel out of their cells and escape. But this can be prevented by searching cells. But in turn search cells can anger prisoners and cause riots. Speaking of riots in the game Prisoners can smuggle certain items throughout the prison. Things like drugs, booze, weapons, and spoons. Different situations I found cause certain items to be wanted more. Say Prisoners are getting really angry they are more likely to try to get a hold of a weapon. Or if a prisoner has a really long sentence they will try obtaining a tool to tunnel out.

There are many “ways” to play Prison Architect. For example you can brutal leader. In which you can send prisoners to solitary for the smallest things to keep them under control. Or the way I play is you give them something to look forward to for my prison it’s playing in the yard where I have pool tables telephones and weight benches. But if you slack too much with your prisoners or you are way too harsh they will riot and start killing all your guards and trashing your prison. RIP my poor guards….

The devs of the game are very open with the community. For every update they put out they upload a YouTube video of themselves commentating and showing the changes in the game. They have also allowed Steam Workshop for their game to allow players to share their prison with everyone. There are a few mods for the game but aren’t very in depth yet. In the future the game will be more mod friendly. Which will hopefully offer many hours of gameplay. As is I already put in well over 40 hours.

Prison Architect is very promising game for those of you who enjoy playing god and building things. Or those people who don’t want to get too invested into a game. I know I will be dumping many more hours into the game.



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