Hello QTers!

@syntria here. I’m going to make this short and sweet. First, if you are taking the time to read this than please take the time to join our Discord Server (one-click join) as well as leaving a comment below.

QT Revival – We’re doing stuff again. It is developing organically which is great. We’ll follow the flow. 

  • We’ve got a new writer @wowjinxy and a new site helper @edorin who’s cleaning out any of the spammers.
  • I’ll be aggressively looking for both new writers and streamers alike for the site.
  • We’ve added @JennyLeeP @watercat1 and @rigus to the Watch page.
  • Watch the Watch-Page! We have quality streamers live all the time on their own channels. Download the twitch-app and turn on Live notifications.
  • I’ve added Social Media registration/logins to the site to make registration easier. So one-click registration for new users! (Needs testing, haha).
  • More site updates coming. Simplified Menus, possible removal of Forums, and more content posted to our social media outlets.
  • Keep the ball rolling by replying to official news and gaming news articles, signing up for the website, and inviting all your gaming friends to the Discord Server!

Discord – Our new Hangout Place and Communication Hub – Click To Join – We already have over 50 QubeTubers online and chatting here. 

  1. Benefits
    1. Great Chatroom system built for Gamers, Communities, and Streamers. Allows you to scroll back to read old chat when you join so you can always keep up with what’s going on.
    2. Super easy for everyone to use. One-Click / No Registration Required.
    3. Voice-Chat similar and even superior to Skype, Mumble, or Team Speak. Including Push-To-Talk and Voice-Activated features.
    4. Image Posting and In-Chat Video Playing.
    5. Built for Gamers. It shows what games you’re playing automatically.
    6. Multi-platform Support. Works great through the Web-client, through Mobile Apps, and PC software.
    7. Increased Activity due to ease of use and availability. No hurdles, no extra software to install. Runs smoothly in the background or in a browser tab. Very welcoming and appealing UI, particularly for new users.
  2. Mumble? IRC?
    1. These are both great services that we still have. However, Mumble is all but obsolete with Discord.
    2. IRC is great in a dozen ways. However, it isn’t easily accessible to new users and it cuts us off from a large portion of potential new users as well as alienates users who aren’t a fan of using IRC.

QT IndieWeekend for Child’s Play Charity – Early Pre-Planning Stage

  • This would be our third IndieWeekend Event.
    • Showcasing dozens of IndieGames
    • Special Guest Streamers
    • Developer Interviews
    • Large Scale Indie-Game Giveaways
    • Raising Money for Charity
  • Dates to be Determined (End of November, Start of December, or January). Join Discord and post your ideas about the best dates! Post your thoughts below as well.
  • Format would be 48-72 Hour Marathon with a goal of 10k or less for Child’s Play broken down in Milestones.
  • New System where the main event will be on the QubeTubers channel but other streamers can contribute by streaming with the hashtag #QTIndieWeekend or tweeting with the hashtag. (Recommended Hashtag Combos are #IndieGames and #IndieDev ). We’re researching a way to auto populate these streams somewhere on the main IndieWeekend page.

Well that’s just a snapshot. Hope to see you in the Discord server soon so we can chat!

P.S. Concerning Donations – No one needs to donate. @kweh is hosting the Website at this time and since we don’t have a game-server our costs are $0 which is refreshing! I need to finish updating the donation pages. Any new donations will be used for Giveaways or to support future events, potentially to buy flavor of the month game-servers if the community shows interests. You can send Games for giveaway to QubeTubers@gmail.com or to Syntria on steam. These games will be distributed in various ways, including potentially being given to streamers to stream or giveaway to their viewers, used in giveaways on social media, or saved for events.