So, #QTReboot is being headed up by Harrihu with my full support. I strongly encourage anyone who would like to jump in on this, to speak up. I will do my best to support anyones efforts to bring more activity back into the community.

Stay tuned for another post form Harrihu.

Here are the goals of #QTReboot

Increase Activity in Discord – Help by starting conversations in #hangout, #gaming, posting in #creative or #lifestyle.

Increase website content by posting articles about new games, kickstarters, reviews, etc.

Update the server section of the website to be up to date and hopefully with a few active game servers

Arrange some ‘raids’ in various games, or any team-based game with other QTers. Rocketleague, WoW, Rainbow Six, etc and stream them on the QT Twitch.

Have another livestreaming event on the QT Twitch channel. Open to suggestion for marathon themes!

Make sure the watch page is up to date

If possible, update a discord bot to notify about livestreams again.

This is just a quick off the top of my head list.

Please leave us some feedback! Thank you.