Soooo this is a thing I just found. I never heard of it, and defiantly not saying I recommend it since I’ve yet to play it myself but I cracked up when I watched the trailers and saw some of the official imaginary. This game is the product of a successful Kickstarter back in 2013.

Edge of Space isn’t just a Terraria clone. It brings in new elements as well as has some major game play changes. It comes with a huge boost in RPG stats over Terraria, and of course, flying laser sharks which is sort of a given am I right? Gathering resources is still a thing but digging deeper and deeper down into the earth seems to be your main goal. It also doesn’t appear that you can leave the world, build ships, or travel to other worlds like you can in Starbound. The reviews I’ve read on it myself have been mostly ‘eh not really good–but maybe it’ll get better?’ and said for the price tag, it didn’t measure up to similar games in the genre.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is Edge of Space! Please tell us on twitter if this game worth the 19.99 price tag or is it junk.

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