The topic is scary, I know. We are facing a few issues and I feel it is only fair to share this with all of you to get some feedback on how best to proceed. The QT SMP is not 100% sure to be shut down.

After we pay for this month’s server bill we will be at basically ZERO dollars. Meaning starting January we won’t be able to pay for our server. This has also strangled us on being able to do giveaways or contests as well as made it hard to consider buying any other game-servers that can’t be hosted on our own for various reasons (they usually run 10-15 dollars a month).

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Our current beast of a server runs about $160 – the primary need for power is the QT SMP that has a loyal but small player base at this time. The QT SMP is an expensive resource that isn’t used by many right now–but most of those who do donate are those who play on the server which means they keep everything else running too. We also run our website, mumble, and most other game-servers we occasionally toss up on this server.

Right now, save for the occasional large donation from time to time, we average around $50 – $75 in donations. We had a surplus earlier in the year of about $500 but has dwindled quickly with donations only being at about half of what we need.

Now those of you who donate on a regular basis, I’m not asking you to start kicking in more money. It’s just not viable nor is it fair for all the weight of our server costs to rest on the shoulders of a few. We need more people donating smaller amounts too of $5 and $10 to keep us going. I feel very strongly the site shouldn’t be kept on life-support based on the donations of 2-3 members. Even with that said, I’m so honored that many of you have chosen to support QT with money in the past, now or plan to in the future. Its a clear sign that QT is doing what it’s here to do, and that’s provide a fun place for people to play games, watch games, and read about games.

Here’s what I propose, and this has sort of been floating around for awhile. We spend too much for how little we currently do and we need to rectify it for the financial health of QT.

  • We downgrade our server to the ex40 (55 euros less) or ex60 (35 euros less). Our current server doesn’t have a page anymore but in comparison costs about 115 euros or around 160 dollars. These servers currently have no set-up fees until the end of December which will save us a good bit of money. We’ve used Hetzner for about 4 years with pretty good service so we’ll stick with them.
  • We may have to turn the Public SMP off for awhile if it can’t run effectively on these lesser servers. We won’t really know until we try it out. We’d make the map available via a torrent if that was the case. We know a lot of people have a lot of time invested in the map and it’s painful to even talk about potentially taking it away but the reality is it costs a lot of money and we don’t have it right now.
  • We have a real talk about creating a smaller and less demanding SMP Map, perhaps a popular but easy to moderate FTB modded server.
  • If we free up more funds but start getting more donations, we can buy month-per-month preset-up game servers for whatever games the community is into such as Space Engineers or 7 Days to Die for example.
  • We also want to open the door to individually funded and operated game-servers provided by community members. I.E. Kweh has a 7 Days To Die Server which could be an official site resource even though it isn’t officially hosted with us.

So I’m putting this out there for everyone. I know this is a touchy subject for those of you who have played on and enjoyed the QT SMP for so long. It’s a service we’ve been able to provide for nearly four years and has always been there. It is a pretty disheartening thought to think it might be retiring, but also that opens up room for other potential game-servers (including MC). No decisions have been made but something will be happening soon. This is your opportunity to leave feedback! Use the comments section below to share how you feel.

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