This is a call to arms for the entire community! We need YOU to help Qubetubers as a whole. Its the little things that will help the most. Start right now by telling just one other community member to read this. Click here to tweet it.

You all give our community LIFE by simply being here and reading this now. But by taking an active role in the community internally, via social media, across the internet and in game you are giving us POWER. It might not seem like much because it isn’t an instant power-up, tweeting us or mentioning us on reddit or post about us anywhere online. Every action YOU take is another stat increase that brings us that much closer to the next level up. Each time you comment on a steam post or like a YouTube video, that’s another brick in our castle. It all comes down to YOU. Be more than just a viewer in the community, become a player. And don’t forget, YOU helped us raise over 100,000 dollars for charity. YOU did that! That’s the power of this community and that power comes from each and every one of you.


Every comment, like, share, retweet, talking in our chatrooms, playing on our servers, chatting on our mumble—all of it is needed right now more than it ever has been. Pitch in by posting on our Facebook page, share our announcements, our articles on twitter or following our Google Calendar to never miss a stream, event, or meeting…all of it.  When you see a new Youtube video– clicking just ONE of the share buttons makes a massive difference. Do you hangout on other gaming forums or sites? Represent Qubetubers in your signatures.

We need that ‘clan’ mentality in video-games too, If you play in any MMO or MultiPlayer with Clans or Guilds you have our express permission to make a Qubetubers Guild/Clan, dedicate a room in Mumble for it, and when our new forums are out you can even get a subforum dedicated to it. We will have guidelines in the future but right now, as long as the group is overall positive and open to anyone to join–go for it! We NEED to get this mentality in game to make Qubetubers grow and to get more friends to play with in more games. Volunteer now to be a Qubetubers Guild/Clan Master in one of your favorite games!

Numbers don’t matter. Responses matter…YOU matter. It doesn’t mean much if we have 5000 followers on twitter if no one responds, retweets or pushes to get others on twitter to do the same. It doesn’t add up if we have 1,200 steam followers if none of them like the announcements, comment with feedback, or post on its front page. 700 likes on facebook doesn’t do any good if no one shares our posts, if no one comments on them when we post them. Not only do reactions to content let you show your pride in this community, but it lets others feel that pride and want some of it too. It also encourages us to keep doing what we’re doing. We want to know what you all think, how you feel, we are thirsty and your ideas are what we need to quench the community.

I challenge everyone that read this to find one thing you can do that’s listed above right now. Send us a tweet or tweet someone else about us, share a post on facebook, jump on mumble with your friend and start playing.

You strengthen Qubetubers with every action you take. We are only as strong as you make us.

To the first members who joined four years ago and to those we’ve found or found us along the way…thanks for sticking around. Thank You for being a part of what makes Qubetubers great. Thank you for being a Qubetuber.

And to those of you who have just found us, out of the millions of communities and websites out there…Just because you heard about us somewhere in this vast reality we call ‘Online’…

Allow me to be the first, but not the last…to Welcome you to Qubetubers


~ Syntria