Hello Folks!

After the fantastic IndieWeekend, we’re a little bit broke. We’re shy $30 of paying this month’s bills and we won’t have any funds to pay next months bills.

We need more donations, plain and simple. Click here to make that happen.

If we don’t receive the funds, we’ll have to downgrade our services (losing the Public SMP primarily). We have 2-3 regular donors who contribute between $10-$25 each, but steadily our surplus has gone down since we’ve not been reaching our $150 a month goal which is needed to maintain our current level of services.

So this is the time to donate if you’ve got a few dollars laying around to keep QubeTubers services online.

I’ll update you all again when we’ve raised enough to cover this month and next months bills.

Thank you for your continued support,

P.S. QT SMP – Thousands of users have enjoyed our Public SMP, and when we refreshed it several months back we put loads of work into making it something special. We still have several fantastic regular players on there and occasionally a new player still pops up. However as a community we may want to seriously consider the value of the Public SMP as it stands now and the resources it takes, and while it would be painful, consider replacing it with one or a collection of smaller modded servers. Feel free to share your views and thoughts by replying to this post! Speak if you want your opinions heard!