This meeting is open to everyone who wants to attend, but certain segments of it will be primarily ‘staff’ voices only in order to keep to the schedule. The end of the meeting will be for community feedback AND a giveaway! We want to aim at keeping it short and cover a few key points.

Please meet on Mumble 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting on June 1st, 7pm GMT

The agenda is as follows…

7:00pm GMT – Streamer Reviews / Writer Reviews
Applications will be discussed by Staffers but the community can give input. Anyone interested in being a streamer or a writer must submit their application by this Saturday. We’d love to see more applicants!

7:20pm GMT – Promotion/Demotions for current Interns discussion
Open forum discussion on our new streamers/writers – Decisions will be made privately by Staffers later. Things like Streamer A’s mic has been so bad we can’t understand him or Streamer B has been so fun to watch!

7:30pm GMT Content Team/Social Media Team Mashup
Assigning ‘managers’ to specific areas outside of the site such as Reddit and the Facebook page. All interested volunteers for social media or writing encouraged to attend. You can also join the secret QTNewsroom area of the site if you are interested in joining the Content Team.

7:45pm GMT – Community Meeting – Feedback Only
An open forum for all community members and staffers to simply express their thoughts about any area of the site. Not intended for extended discussions. “I really like what’s going on with the steam group.” “I wish the SMP had some sort of weekly event”. Try to articulate your feedback before the meeting and keep it short and sweet so everyone has a chance to speak. This may extend well after the official close of the meeting.

8:00pm GMT – Steam Game Giveaway
All attendees (including staff, excluding myself) will be entered into a random drawing for three prizes IF there are at least 30 community members (including staff) in attendance by 8:00pm GMT. $20 Steam Game, $10 Steam Game, or Star Player on Steam (boobie prize). If there are less than 30 community members in attendance there will only be the $10 steam game and Star Player on Steam prizes so be sure to encourage everyone you see, starting now, to attend!

All Staff Members – Please leave a

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message in the office if you will or will not be able to attend and why (for future planning purposes and to show you’ve read this).
All Community Members – Please leave a message in the main chatroom if you will or will not be able to attend.