Hello QubeTubers!

Just a quick rundown of what all has been going on–not a lot, but that’ll change in the near year!


CyaNox and his crew are hard at work on the new SMP, 1.7.2. Check out the post in the forums that details the changes that will happen, including a full wipe of the current server. Wiping the server will liberate the server admins from being held back by all kinds of technical issues that caused all kinds of crazy bugs and placed limitations on what we could do with the SMP. – Insert link to forum thread.

Clearing of Ban-Lists

The SMP Ban-list will be cleared! So, this means a second chance for everyone!

Events – Haven’t been any, but that will chaaaange. Tournouments, streaming marathons, more charity fundraisers, podcasts, interviews, and more.

Giveaways – Haven’t had any but that will change tooo.

Starbound Server is online! Address is qubetubers.com 🙂 Try not to forget it!

Uh–Stuff and Things.

We’ve had around 60 dollars in donations this month, and last month we had less. We need 150 per month to operate, but we are still working on a surplus. Still, donations allow us to do more giveaways too! Yada yada.

ChildsPlay 2014

Yes, this is a thing. A thing that will happen.


We need them, primarily focusing on indie-titles. Not only reviews! Quick Glances, a game just came out and it has a awesome looking trailer? Write a few sentences of your impression and plop a video link. Sexy kickstarter you just heard about on twitter? Check it out, get a feel for if its legit then smack it up here and we’re open to even more ideas and formats. We want Qubetubers to have at least weekly, if not daily, content posts regarding what’s going on in the gaming community.


Are you a server person? There are lots of games out there we’d like to host, but we need people truly interested in dedicated to becoming part of our staff and with experience working thru SSH and working on non-windows systems.


With the rolling out of the new site, we’re counting you—YOU. Yes, the eyeballs that are currently on this screen. We need recruitment. How? Well, let’s say your playing a game–DayZ. You start running with this random guy for a few hours, see if he can’t get on mumble with you, or let him know out of game you guys can chat on the site, or even point him to a forum post that says what times and what servers we’re running on. Sounds complicated I know, but just put it out there. Welcome people, offer to help them, let them know you have other friends he’s welcome to come play with. This is true for all games. Make a Guild, call it QubeTubers–but if you do, try to keep in mind you are representing Qubetubers when you do so.

New Streamers

We need new streamers. New blood, new ideas. Soon, we’ll have a more formal way people can apply. We’ll be looking at people who are above all, friendly. Good quality mic and audio, and those with a leaning towards indie games are fantastic but those who play main-stream titles mostly are okay too.

Streamers will get new benefits that before they didn’t, including exposure for their personal channels and social media outlets right on the site. The main channel will be for events and random streams, but all official Qubetubers streamers will also be featured on the qubetubers.com/watch page.

— Random Filler News Post. Will be better articulated before the site goes live. XD