First things first, we are paid up till this month but starting next month we don’t have enough site funds to go forward with the Server/Site/Stuffs. This is primarily due to a broken donation button on paypal’s part and I wasn’t aware there was an issue until just today so other than one large donation last month from Ven0x, we haven’t had any small donations or large ones in about a month. This is basically an Emergency. We have 20 days to raise about another $100 to make our necessary payments but I hope that now that the button’s fixed, we’ll see several contributions that gets us back into the clear. Quick link to the donation page here.

That being said, our monthly costs are about $150 minimal and preferably $200 so we can contribute to our surplus as well as do some giveaways/prizes. Any donations, being $5 here and there or $25 slapped in our face is appreciated. The same few folks usually make big donations every couple of months and we don’t see many of the little ones for the last few months–those little ones really do add up and it takes some weight off our big patrons shoulders to be the sole financial supporters of the site.

We are actively recruiting new streamers and writers at this time, and if you are interested in doing either please see http://www.tinyurl.com/QTApplication01

Also when you see them, welcome MaxFirestorm and TheBad300! They are our newest streamers, brought aboard yesterday!

The Watch Page is now fixed, it was having some issues working properly on firefox but now thanks to freaktechnik and Kweh we’re now bug free!…for now.

The new site is part of a 3 phase launch, and we’re currently on phase 2. Phase 3 will include user profiles, logins, a new forum, user submissions (like articles/images for front page), and other goodies on the backend I don’t quite understand. :>

Our next community meeting is probably 2-3 weeks out, and I hope to have a structured event by that point as well. Currently I’m putting all my energy into recruiting new talent to the site to get it lively.

Speaking up recruiting, we could use some more players on the Public SMP–even if you just pop in once in awhile to say hello to new folks and welcome them!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please use the contact page to give us an email.