Long story short, we’re updating everything.


All of our services are hosted on the same dedicated box. This box needs updated and everything on it. From the OS, Databases, script things, game-servers, mumble servers, and all the other things I don’t know about. This will allow us to optimize our server to try running a Star-Made server without having to buy a second box, woohoo! It also just needs to be done (the updates).

This could take days, potentially. It could break things that might not be easily unbroken.

I encourage everyone to join our IRC channel (Server irc.irchighway.net Channel #Qubetubers) to stay connected through this up and down time. We will also be updating our twitter periodically about the state of the updates.

Also please let everyone you know in the community, right now, that this is going on so they won’t be confused when they suddenly can’t access Mumble or what not.

Help me help you help others keep informed!

Thanks, and see you on the other side!

~ Syntria