Hello QubeTubers!

If you aren’t already aware, we do have a Starbound server! Plop in ‘qubetubers.com’ into your server address  bar in starbound to join us! We’re friendly and welcoming and try to keep it PG-13ish. Feel free to also come hangout with us at www.qubetubers.com/chatroom or if you have any questions!

The latest Starbound patch has left many players groaning, given it involved a complete character wipe. I believe in the games current phase, we as a community need to make every effort to be supportive and not hold the developers back by crying about wipes (to them at least!).  I was chilling in on playstarbound.com over the past few days and their forums are a rift with players asking that there be no more wipes for awhile—-so that would tie the hands of the developers from making progress, you know? Along with arguments that Windows XP should be an OS that never dies…

So, the update’s here aaaand expect ANOTHER character wipe! Prepare yourselves! Screenshot all that you love!

Both on Twitter and Facebook the Dev’s have warned that another wipe is incoming…Here’s Facebook

The update’s out! Characters were wiped. Sorry! We did warn that that would happen during the first stage of beta.

Here’s the thing, though: Weapon damage was broken somewhere along the way, and the patch we’re going to push to fix it is probably also going to have to wipe character saves.

Massive apologies for that. Beta problems, yknow? Thank you for your understanding and patience!

So, what’s included in the latest update? Here’s a few things and you can read the rest in the changelog on your starbound loading screen! (Scroll down!)

Changelog for v. Annoyed Koala  9/12/2013

– Added early implementation of creature taming (more features coming soon)

– Added new boss and new sector of the galaxy

– Underground detached/rare biomes more common

– Underground random encounters more common

– Underground chests more common

– Ore rebalance (probably way way too much ore at the moment, will be fixed later, enjoy it)

– Baby monsters

– Added pixel compressor for high cost banking (idea from Ncrpts)

***** Added new hats ****

– You can no longer attack through blocks

I hope you enjoyed this little report~ Brought to you by Syntria. ^-^

Starbound Official Site – http://playstarbound.com