Welcome to my IndieGame filled brain, where little makes sense and what little does is often a hot mess.  Today we are goin’ to have a look at a few Kickstarters I think stand out from the crowd this month and that I think we should keep an eye on. Let me know if you have any of your own picks or what  you thought of mine in the comment section below. Here we go!

Planet Nomads

Developed By Craneballs

“Imagine yourself in the shoes of a lone scientist crash-landing on an unknown alien planet full of dangers to avoid and secrets to be uncovered. Building useful things is your only hope for survival. Use your wit and the hi-tech tools salvaged from the ship-wreck.” – Official Info on Kickstarter

I adore how this game looks and feels. This Sci-Fi sandbox survival game holds a ton of potential. I’ve little doubt that Planet Nomads by Craneballs will be backed into infinity and beyond. It even earned the Indie of the Year 2015 from the IndieDB. As of this post, they have 60k with 40k more to go to hit their goal.  Checkout their Kickstarter for more information.


Developed by Fox Rogers

” Two players, one survivor. Outlive. Outlast. Outrun.” – Official Info on Kickstarter

Piano Win. The trailer looks like the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc Music Video was redone yet again and mixed with a wonderful overdose of film noir feels. Even though I have not seen much game play footage, this trailer just makes me feel the game is far deeper than the actual description lends itself to be. I’m looking forward to seeing where this game goes. Checkout the kickstarter here–it only has 48 hours to go and is 20k shy of it’s goal of 38k. I’m not sure it will make it this time around sadly. Maybe there will be a final hours rally behind it? We’ve seen it happen before!

Server Tycoon

Developed by Gamify Labs

“Manage your computer farm and become the Tycoon of The Valley. Use cyber attacks, vintage computing and the internal Stock Market. ” Official Info on Kickstarter

For real? Seriously? Actually—I know a lot of people who might be down for this game. It’ll even support Occulus Rift so you can virtually walk through your data center and make sure it is being run right! I have some doubts if this one will reach its goal (109k) but with 41 days to go who knows? Checkout their kickstarter here.

Distant Realms, a guide to the land of Leviathan

by Stygian Fox Publishing

“Leviathan is a continent on the world of Atuannu and is home to mythic races from Earth’s antediluvian past.” – Official info on Kickstarter

This one is for our Role Playing crew and to mix this list up a little. What we have here is not a failure to communicate but a great tool for painting a robust world with deep mythology and fantasy. Break out of the mold from those dusty D&D books and checkout Distant Realms on Kickstarter. They only have 8 days to go and are only 2k shy of their goal!

I hope you found at least one of these titles interesting.  If I get a good response to this list, I’ll try my best to do one every month! Until next time, Syntria signing out.  Follow me on Twitter and Twitch.TV and do the same for QubeTubers!