Here are five indie-gam80d150a30020bfeab612445203eab7bd_400x400es I’ve bought or been gifted and my thoughts on them! Pretty please with a cookie on top share this with the buttons above if you want to see more¬† and send a tweet¬† with your own comments on these games! I’d love to hear them. We want to get some QT community suggestions lists together soon so get your opinions ready!

header (3)A wonderful city-management survival mashup. I’m a fan of any games in this genre and I’ve been enjoying this one more than I thought I would. It starts out easy enough–but then resources become scarce, winters become cold, and your people begin to starve off in droves. Delicate things, people–they sort of want shelter, food, warmth and all sorts of silly things! They can even get diseases if you don’t stock up on medicine, and if you don’t educate the suckers you end up with slow inefficient workers but teaching them takes up precious time while everyone freezes and firewood needs cut! The game is surprisingly challenging. This is no Sim-city. This is about keeping your people alive and with the need to constantly re-balancing where your workers are to attend to critical issues–than there’s sustainability management! You have to plan years ahead of time…goodness.

I’ll be writing a more in depth-review of this title in the near future! So stay tuned and pick up a copy if you like this sort of thing :> Big thanks to Logiz for gifting me this game!

Banished on Steam

header (1)Often compared to Dwarf Fortress and Towns, this is another civilization management game I enjoy. Resource gathering, crafting, and building are key. Setting up lumber mills to churn out planks and tailors to make clothes and jewelers to make all the pretty things! Strategy is also something to keep in mind when the enemies start rolling in, from outside of the map or down from the depths of your mines.

Also, don’t attack bears. After they have saturated themselves in the blood of your Gnomes they get cute names automatically assigned to them like ‘Pinky the Murderer’. I totally didn’t try to kill a bear for its meat. I totally didn’t. Please believe me… Well, no one’s around anymore to prove it since well–that’s why Pinky is Pink.

Look forward to an indepth review of this title from me as well!

Gnomoria on Steam

header (4)Actually I might tell you to hold off on this one for awhile. If you like creative-mode and building castles and fighting off waves of monsters in a Tower Defense style, you’ll love this–however, I found it so buggy it was almost unplayable. Still while this game isn’t classified as Tower Defense–I really do enjoy fighting against progressively harder waves of enemies, watching that timer tick down and struggling to prepare before they arrive! Still I think this game needs some major updates to make it worth the price.

Castle Story on Steam

header (2)Get it. Get it now. Its been out for awhile and its just…wow. More challenging than it appears and has a lot more depth than one might first give it credit for. It has a great community behind it and updates churning out regularly. While I have no experience I also hear the modding scene is pretty big for it too. The atmosphere in game is both cute and fear creating at the same time. It’s a survival crafting game with perma-death too, so I’d almost say it’s a little rouge-like though with fewer monsters–but when monsters are around you better be prepared and the game gets increasingly more difficult as the nights pass! Not starving will be the least of your worries in Don’t Starve.

Don’t Starve on Steam

header_292x136I can’t recall who gave me this game, but I had some fun with it. If you enjoy turn-based rouge-likes with a retro feel than you should already own this one. You can get little buddies/pets in the game, though don’t accidentally hit them—they don’t like that and have no problem turning on you. That only happened to me a couple dozen times. I’d only recommend this game if Rouge-likes are your thing.

Hack, Slash, Loot on Steam