The #QTIndieWeekend is almost here! (Yes, hashtag on twitter, see you there!)

The QTIndieWeekend¬†will focus on cramming as many indie-titles into a three day weekend as we can, along with special guest visits from developers and streamers! This will be a great opportunity for you as a viewer to see a¬†showcase of different indie-games, learn about their origins and the expected development paths. We’ll even play many of the multi-player titles on stream at set times so you can join in on stream!

Check out the IndieWeekend Event page for more details and information on how you can help the event directly!

Leave a comment telling us of some indie-games you think deserve to be showcased! Your feedback matters, and it’s very likely if you suggest a game it’ll get streamed or discussed! We also would like to know of any developers you think should be invited to this event or multiplayer games you think would be fun to play with the community!