Let’s Get ready to rumble!!!

 Besiege is a physics based construction/destruction/puzzle game. At the time of writing this the game is in very early alpha, and it already has a lot of content. With 2 modes available and a teasing of a few more modes to be added. This could be one heck of a game. As it stands right now you can play through the 15 campaign mode, or “go for it” in sandbox mode. There is also a hint about a moon mission coming soon.

What is it?  Well it is a game where you are given a challenge, normally destroying something. You need to  use your brain to build medieval style siege engines to complete said task.

You are given a wide range of weapons. Such as Canons, Flamethrowers, blades, explosives and so much more.  You also have access to objects like wheels, hinges, steering gear, aviation devices and the like.

The controls are the typical WASD and the mouse moves the camera and the arrows keys operate the equipment.  The controls can take a minute to get use to but are easy to remember what does what.  Only real problem I had was the deleting of items, sometimes I would  accidentally delete the wrong thing and have to start all over again.

    The options for screen resolution ranging from 1440 x 900 and on, there was even the option for windowed  mode. This game feels very similar to Crashtastic.  If you liked that game, you will love this one!! The game is currently $7.00 right now, though even when it goes up in price as it becomes a finished game it will be worth every penny. I am looking forward to the coming updates being that 0.02 Alpha build.