This is Farm Simulator 2015 by giant software. You can find it on steam for $29.99 (at the time this story was written) Being that I have spent many hours playing FS13 I was looking forward to FS15.

Well first thing first! If you have played FS13 it will look and feel very much the same.  In fact many of the textures and buildings look like they came from FS13. It feels like a bit of a rewrite with a lot of the physics problems fixed and a few new features added, also adding new physics problems.

First the ability to cut down trees and sell the wood to name one, though the placing of a full grown fur tree makes for easy money. (Via what i hope is a glitch.) The tree claws and grinder can be a bit buggy(new physics problem).Trees can have ghost limbs or fail to fall, adding to the bugginess of it.  You can’t get your forks under logs and there is no way to strap the logs down for transport. That means sometimes they fall off the truck and are hard to pick up. Aww the bugs got to love them.

But with a drive-able pickup truck that does 54 mph. Helps to make up for the bugs. All the while making transporting tippers around the map a breeze. Npc cars though can be quite the nuisance. They will stop only mere inches from you and you cannot force them out your way (Pull hair out in frustration at this point while using the big sprayer).  Then to top it off you bounce off when you hit them at full speed I mean WTH is with that.

Overall the game plays well and seems to run smooth, but can get laggy when lights are turned on.  I give over all game play 4 out of 5. They still need to fix some bugs with objects interacting together but this game should give you many hours of fun game play, by yourself or with friends in multi-player mode. And  please enjoy the gorgeous sky boxes.

The game has some built in mod support. They are easy to find and install. These are just a few that I have found enjoy!!