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HurtWorld is a hardcore and less voxel version of minecraft in which you die a lot. It has often been compared to Rust, but not owning Rust, I could not personally say.

You start with nothing but a pair of shorts on and that’s it. If you spawn in right before night on your first time playing, you will freeze to death. Once you have gathered some rocks and sticks, you hit tab to find you have clothing spots and a small inventory with a limited crafting ability in the lower right hand side of the window. A few thing I learned the hard way, be cautious of people, deer and wild boars. They will all kill you. For that matter, just about every thing in this game will kill you. Build a small base, install a totem ASAP and don’t trust anyone. Be sure to use airlocks as people will stand outside your hut to kill you before you can get the door closed, then take all your stuff.

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Is the game fun you ask? Well, yes and no. Let’s talk about the main downside. The learning curve on a popular server, for a new player,  is 90 degrees straight up. Along with this, you have a ton of trolls looking to kill newbies, and as  there is no single player it can be brutal getting a foothold. (On one server some guy stood for 30 minutes outside my house waiting to kill me as soon as I opened the door.) As I mentioned above the fact that there is no single player, or even at the bare minimum a tutorial mode, makes starting confusing at best. Some of the resources that you need to get started like Amber and Limestone for making concrete can be very very rare as well. You also seem to spend way too much time grinding to make your first fire pit, which eventually disappears on you.

Now to speak on some of the better points. The game has built-in voice over internet, and voice chat is localized so if somebody goes ‘I’m friendly just passing through’  you know they’re close to you.The crafting recipes are fairly easy and straightforward, with different benches and such to be crafted  at different levels. You can build a car or a bike, And one of the best things is you get to keep your tools and clothing you are wearing, unless you just killed someone, because then you get a short buff that if killed you have a chance of loosing tools and clothing.

So in review, yes, the game is fun. I would definitely recommend it if you love multiplayer games. It could also make a great tower defence or “Mindcrack UHC” style tournament game. And just all around fun competing with or against friends. The real question is who will live longer!

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This review is completely independent and my copy of the game was acquired via Humble Bundle Monthly subscription.

Written by The Bad300

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