Lifeless Planet

Let’s start with the basics. Lifeless Planet was developed by Stage 2 Studios and published by Lace Games and KISS Ltd. This game is both an action and adventure title as well as an independent game. From my perspective, I would call it a puzzle platforming game with a story-line that draws you deeper the more you play.



You are a United States-lead astronaut that is supposed to be landing on a green lush planet that is thought to be filled with lifeforms, but find yourself on a dying world. Without your crew, lost and confused, you find yourself low on oxygen and in a desert canyon. Soon, you stumble upon an abandoned town that looks like an old Russian village. Now, more confused than ever, you set off on an adventure that takes you across the planet on foot with just your wits and a short jump boost from your backpack, looking for a way home!


The Good and The Bad

The story-line is good and keeps you playing. There are many beautiful features and different landscapes from underground caverns to expansive maze-like canyons. The game-play itself can be clunky at times due to the controls. My biggest complaint is that the player character takes wide turns that can cause you to fall when you have a lot of jumping puzzles. The jet pack boost can cause you to bounce off a wall and go backward as well.


I would love to go into more detail like the cool Tesla coil or the man-eating plants that are always trying to kill you, but I would ruin the story for you!

So go on, go get a copy today and enjoy discovering the truth yourself.