Pokemon go by TheBad300

I am old! I am a gen-x’er!, and by 1997(when Pokemon came out) I was well into my 20’s and had already been living in Misawa, Japan for 4 years and then having moved to Okinawa early in 1997.  That was the year I met Chip or DR. Chip, an american who owned a computer store just off base and from whom I bought my first motherboard and CPU. What does that have to do with Pokemon you ask? Well nothing really, but maybe to show you that up to this point, I had no clue who or what a Pokemon was.  Some time after 2000 I was assigned back to a base in the USA and would watch the Pokemon Cartoon from time to time as i got dressed in my BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform “Camouflage” for those non-military)  to go to work. I have never actually played a Pokemon game until today.

Pokemon Go… Well, let’s start with the fact that you may need to buy a new phone just to play it. My Huawei Union Y538 just barely plays it, and the app itself is buggier than Klendathu. It can be quite an aggravating App to use.  If you are like me and you live in a rural area, finding poke-stops can be a bit hit and miss. Like take the “Blink” town, as I call It, as in blink and you miss it.  Just up the road, one church that has a poke-stop and the other one does not. In one town the fire department is a poke-stop but in the next it’s a big nope. Across the road at the far end of my property I have an old 1800’s-1900’s graveyard, you would think that would be a poke-stop but again a big nope.

All in all, after the pain of dealing with the lag and that gray spinning ball showing your inability to sync with the server. Seeing a kid that is overweight sprint from his mom’s van to a poke-gym makes me smile. To think this game may do some good to get kids out and talking face to face with real people. Even in the face of dummies walking off of cliffs, climbing in tiger cages and driving in to trees or even worse, getting robbed. So yes this game can be fun but I ask you to be safe don’t break the law while playing and for goodness sake’s be safe.  Most Importantly don’t forget to have fun.

After spending some time playing I can offer a few tips . First, with the insane amount of low end Pokemon I.E. Weddle, Pidgie, (Walmart) and Ratta (my Walmart was full of them). With the quickness you get candy and the fact that it only cost 12 candy to evolve them.

When one evolves,  you give them to the Doc and he gives you one candy.  It can be a fast way to level up.  I skipped level 17 and ½ of 18 that way. Living in a high population area is the best way to collect different Pokemon.  I have seen some people getting excited for a Pokemon that’s common in my area but rare in theirs.

Now as far as taking down a gym, it is easiest to have multiple people attacking the gym at the same time, as you help each other. Like my last Pokemon,  a CP603 Pidgeotto and took down a CP2000 Gyarados.

I do recommend keeping your highest Pokemon in each spot for the off chance of a killer evolution. Lastly don’t forget to check the health of your Pokemon before a gym battle.

Note: don’t blame me if you get banned for this last part.

I do not condone or endorse cheating, but if you are mobility impaired or just stuck in no man’s land you can use Bluestacks on your pc to play tho can’t say it will or won’t get you banned but Niantic may have a heart but i would not count on it.

This review is completely independent and my copy of the game via humble bundle Monthly subscription.