This is a game that I have been Following For a long Time now. And I must say it has come a long way. What is Space Engineers you ask?! Well!!! It’s very much like Minecraft in that it is a sandbox block building game, But it is set in space. With full 3D movement can make for a large area of game play style.

The current game is still in Alpha but is for sale on steam and now in stores. Also with just about weekly updates and bug fixes there is a lot of potential for this game to become as epic as Minecraft. And you can’t forget the built in steam workshop with mod support. You can have an endless experience every time you play.

First impression of this game is that there are so many Buttons I need to press must not pull hair out, But in only a few short minutes of gameplay it becomes easy to operate the controls.

If you like space sims or building games like minecraft then I can’t recommend this game enough. Keen Software House knocked this one out of the park. With steam work shop make sharing mods and builds quick and simple and with you can have your creation  on your desktop to see some early game play.

As a last word All I can say as is right now this game is worth every penny