Stranded Deep by Beam Team Games

     Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a cast away in a deserted land?  Yes!!  Then you are in luck. Stranded deep took a page right out of the cast away film. You know, the one with Tom Hanks a FedEx Employee and everyone favorite co-star , Wilson. They have even hidden movie reference Easter eggs in the game if you can find them.

You are the lone survivor of a plain crash somewhere in the south pacific. Your goal is to, well to borrow a Quote from Paul Soares jr , is to  “Survive and Thrive”. With all the ways of gettting hurt or sick, combined with  the low amount of supplies to heal with, good luck. The game can be as much of a treasure hunt as it is about crafting. If you fall and break your arm, morphine can be hard to find. With a little luck a whale might befriend you and keep the sharks away while on deep dives. At the time of writing this they just had added in “Sea Forts”. With the game being currently being only version 0.03, I foresee many great things to come.


As for the game features, there is now  an endless procedural generated island world of  to explore. Not to mention more ship wrecks and plane wrecks than you can shake the stick you just made at. Now, the recently added Sea Forts ( abandon drilling outpost ) makes for a lot of exploration.
***Spoiler alert***
A few of the Easter eggs include things like, the FedEx package and even an underwater UFO. Would be nice if there were clues on how to get off the island. Overall Stranded Deep is a fun game that does have replay-ability.


Now on to the bad. After all this game is very early on in development, though it  is a somewhat full game in terms of mechanics. Glitches, Glitches and more Glitches, like sharks that can swim through walls or dropped items that suddenly vanish. Bugs like items hoping or vibrating as if possessed . You know, the standard wonky physics of most pre-alpha type games. None of these bugs and glitches are  a game killer, er well, the disappearing items thing can be a bummer. Happily Beam Team Games are quick with the most of the bug fixes. This being said the game is worth the $14.00 bucks or so us right now.

What would i like to see from this game in the future. For one,  being able to interact with more stuff like moving tool boxes, lockers, or the new steel shelves. It would also be nice to be able to cut down the mangrove trees and to have a shovel, but time will tell. This game shows great promise, looking to do a LP of it in the future.

Fyi: there is already a map mod for the game, so you can map out your area.  You can find the mod here.  It can help those of us that frequently get lost in games.  Funny, IRL I almost never get lost and 99.9% of the time know what direction is north LOL. Now where did that sun go anyway?

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