To the moon – ♫ Fly me to the moon♫

 To the moon was released in 2011. I first acquired the game as part of a humble bundle and paid it no mind! Man was that a mistake!!

The game is listed as an Adventure RPG. But i would call it an interactive short story told backwards. Its not so much a game as it is a great story in a game. It will make you laugh, it might make you cry, but it will certainly show you how a great story can be told through a game. Mostly To the Moon is a treasure hunt, the goal is to find clues to unlock the next stage. With even a few mini games thrown in for good old fun. The story can be hard to follow at times, so make sure you read all the clues at the start. It will not make sense at first but they soon will. This game does have high repeatable play value, because of the complexity of the story.

As to the game itself, well it has the feel of an 8-16 bit JRPG.  With simple point and click movement  throughout most of the game play. There is no real combat,  unlike most RPG’s.  And you play as one of two characters, both being doctors. Your goal is to replace a dying mans last wish. It is hard to go into further detail without giving out spoilers.

    I would give this game a top rating due to it is an ingenious way to tell a great story while drawing the reader in for more. You cannot beat the price, and it is a no contest debate, whether or not I will buy the next short story game from FreeBird games. I just hope you enjoy this game, err story, um ah game as much as I did.