This is an opinion piece! Beware! Opinions everywhere!

If you have been living under a blocky stone for the past couple of weeks, then you’ve probably haven’t heard of the rumor that Microsoft was going to buy Mojang, the creators of Minecraft. Today Mojang announced that the rumor is true and they were being bought by Microsoft for 2.5 Billion dollars. As someone who considers herself as part of the Minecraft community, this news is slightly upsetting to put it lightly. I fear that MS (Microsoft) will try to take cuts from Youtubers’ videos, take away the rights of modders, and take funds away from server admins.

Minecraft Clippy

Minecraft Clippy

According to Mojang the exact terms of their agreement has yet to be decided as of today so most of this is speculation however I do still fear for the community. Big Youtubers and Livestreamers like CaptainSparkles and Paulsoaresjr, who are leaders and inspiring figures to new minecrafters, might suffer at the hands of MS and thus the community could quite possibly be ripped to pieces as our new overlord Clippy takes the lead.

Though all of this is still just speculation and we shouldn’t panic yet till the actual terms are decided and nailed down. I also urge any of you readers to read notch’s resignation letter here. I truly appreciate his honesty in all of this and his fight to keep his own sanity (many don’t do that themselves) but at the same time I don’t think his resignation will do anything for him. People will still look at him as a figure even if he doesn’t want it and all the young minecrafters will still whisper “thank notch” after an encounter with their first creeper. He can’t escape from what he created because the community is more than just the developers and the code, our community is people being knitted together by our common love and unique achievements in the game.

MS can by the game and the developers but they will never buy our community.