Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a unique little game about disarming bombs created by Steel Crate Games. The game started out as an entry to Global Game Jam 2014 but upon completion of the prototype the team felt the concept was worth their time to create a full fledged game.

The game is primarily co-op with no limit to the amount of players. You could play it by yourself but… well that takes away some of the fun. Normally one player will be the diffuser while all other players are bomb technicians. The technicians are not allowed to look at the game screen, instead they must read the Bomb’s Manual.

There are seven sections of levels in the game, each getting progressively harder then the last. In each section there are between three to six levels each usually introducing a new game mechanic. There is also a free play mode where you can set the difficulty however you see fit. Honestly the amount of replayability this game presents is amazing.

The actual gameplay of this game is quite simple. Whoever is the diffuser must to the best of their abilities describe what they see, whether it be wires or buttons, or maybe something much more complex such as keypads with glyphs or morse code. During that the technicians must rapidly find the corresponding page in the manual to give instructions on how to disarm each module. All modules must be deactivated within the time limit of three to six minutes to disarm that bomb.

In the end I feel that this game is a great one to have fun with friends whether at a party or over skype. Not to mention that it has rift support as well. With a near infinite number of levels it is most definitely worth the $14.99 (USD) on steam or their website if you prefer it DRM Free.

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