Community Charter – Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the Community Charter. On this page you will find guidelines on how to interact with your fellow QubeTubers, along with all the official rules we have in place. This subject is understandably as little dry, but please bear with it; it’ll make your time in the community a lot easier if you know the ins and outs of it all.

First of all – be nice! QubeTubers is a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life. We’re a mixed bunch of people with varying beliefs, religions, political leanings, thoughts, feelings and opinions. We’re here because we love playing, watching and talking about games.

This should be enough to indicate to you that you can get along really well with someone when you love the same game or genre of game, even when you have completely opposing views on a number of matters in life. And that’s how it should be!


Everyone’s least favourite subject, but it is necessary for ensuring that everyone is having a good time and getting along fabulously. This list is primarily aimed at interactions via Discord (as you can probably tell from the first one!), but it is equally applicable all over yonder Interwebs.

  • Follow the Discord ToS: []
  • Try not to swear too much – there’s youngens in the channels
  • Don’t just spam links to your streams/servers/whatever. If you’re new, ask first. Better yet, hang around and get to know everyone beforehand – you’ll get a better response that way, we promise.
  • With the above in mind, try to keep it sort of PG-13 wherever possible (this is a guideline, but just use your head about what is and isn’t acceptable for the audience)
  • Please no discussions about religious beliefs
  • Likewise, try to keep political discussion to a minimum, since this can be so divisive
  • If someone asks you nicely to stop doing a thing – please stop doing that thing
  • Don’t insult, attack or otherwise bully people over their choices, preferences, beliefs or lifestyle; just be nice

With all of the above, if you need help understanding what you should or should not do, please do seek out a moderator or admin and they’ll be happy to explain.

Special notes regarding streaming

When streaming on the main QT channel, try to keep swearing to a minimum. We know this isn’t always easy, but the community is intended to be appropriate for all ages, so try to keep that in mind. The points mentioned above also apply – have fun, but stay respectful.

We’re not really interested in policing you on your own channel; you can – naturally – do whatever you want with your own brand. But, we do ask that you keep the points mentioned above in mind, and if you are going to swear like a sailor, remember to put on the mature feature on the channel – we don’t want you to get banned from Twitch D:

Now, with all that cleared up: go forth, and be awesome to each other!