Support Qubetubers

Major Change to Donation Needs – We don’t NEED them anymore to keep running as we did in the past (due to a dedicated server we were renting). Currently @kweh is providing the space we need to keep the website up and we’re taking advantage of free services to provide us with entertainment. However, you are still free to donate in order to fund future community projects, giveaways, events, and flavor of the month game servers.  

Thank you to everyone who had contributed to keep the website afloat during our expensive months, that includes those of you who donated $5 one time and many of you donated much more on a regular basis. You are the reason we are still here today. is fully funded from donations from our community members. This includes but not limited to our website and game servers. You keep us going, year after year.

Recurring payments are a fantastic way to help too! This provides us with some added security and allows us to plan further ahead. At some point in the future, we do want to provide some special perks to our patrons and recognition when our new site is fully rolled out.

We also welcome game donations for giveaways or to provide our staff with games they can stream or write about. Just send them to and mention either ‘Giveaway’ or ‘Staff’ in the title or subject. Steam games can be gifted directly to our email and we can distribute them via the gift link that’s provided.

Big thanks to all our past, current, and future patrons! If you want your donation credited on this page for the month include a screen-name in the notes! Otherwise we might not know who you are![/vc_column_text][/vc_column]