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    First stop for most new forum users! Post a thread about yourself, what games you like, what brought you to Qubetubers, and of course a picture and name of every single pet you own.

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    It all started on October 1st, 2010. I was browsing the Minecraft forum clicking on random threads to check out what other people were building when the game was still relatively new, when a thread titled “Minecraft Girl Edition” caught my eye. I clicked it out of curiosity and was directed to a livestream link of Syntria’s very first Minecraft stream. It was pretty cool, and the viewers in the channel were pretty cool too, so I hung out and then came back the next day. And the next day after that, and again after that, etc. etc. And so here I am four years later along with this glorious community called QubeTubers which sprouted from this tiny little “Minecraft Girl Edition” livestream four years ago.


    Hoozah, QubeTubers!


    I find most of my gaming time devoted to sandbox’ish titles such as Minecraft, Starbound, Terraria, Space Engineers, Planet Explorers, and Landmark, amongst many others. I also enjoy shooter games such as Warframe, Firefall, PlanetSide 2, and Tribes: Ascend, and rhythm games such as StepMania, osu!, Rock Band, etc.

    And of course I enjoy going back every now and then to some retro classics such as Super Mario World, Metroid, Castlevania, Zelda, etc. Retro games, woo!

    Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed gaming, especially when I can chill and hang out with some friends who also enjoy gaming. I’ve always thought about getting into some indie-game development of my own, but never really got around to it. In the near future, though, I may be devoting more of my time to such a pursuit.


    And of course, doges!

    <– Spike the Chihuahua

    <– Bruce the Australian Silky Terrier and Cocoa the Chihuahua


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    Hey y’all, I’m Grillerdude (AKA Griller). I started with QT back in November 2010, after searching Minecraft on Livestream. The first streamers I watched were Axebane and VerifiedNutcase. I was accepted as a streamer in December 2010, and I’ve been streaming on and off ever since. I also work with the IRCHighway network, so if you have IRC problems PM me.

    I don’t actually have anything interesting going on, so this is a pretty short bio.


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    I found my way to the Qubetubers mostly by luck and chance. It was after I had bought Project Zomboid and I was trying to find a good stream to watch on twitch. That was when I came upon the QT channel and since then I have followed it. This was also some time before the Minecraft marathon for Child’s Play in 2012.

    Of the games that I like I play some more often than others. Minecraft is one example when I am not burned out of it. I like to play modded Minecraft mostly on a private server with my friends. I also play Path of Exile, Rift, Magicite, and a couple others on and off when my friends and I are itching to play them. Looking forward to the future of many games such as TUG, Crea, Edge of Space, and a few others.

    I think that should be more than enough for an introduction for now. If I feel like I need to add anything else I will probably edit this post to reflect it. Feel free to chat me up though, I don’t bite!

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    Hi. I’m JoJok. I joined slightly after I bought minecraft (roughly august/september 2011) and wasn’t exactly “active” on the server until about beta 1.8, which is when I actually knew what I was doing in minecraft. Anyway, I’ve been a member of the community ever since and now write game review articles and do social media things (Twitter, Facebook etc.) I love open-world games/sandbox games so if you ever want to play something like Saints Row or Garry’s Mod, let me know!


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    (First time using a forum of any kind in a while, yay!)

    I first found out about QubeTubers in March of 2011, shortly after I bought Minecraft in Beta, after seeing Axebane streaming on Weekend of Minecraft, which I had found out about from the Minecraft Forums.

    I bookmarked on my bookmark bar, occasionally viewing the livestreams. In April of 2011, I had gotten bored of the Minecraft MP server, so I had decided to try out the QubeTubers Minecraft SMP server, and got hooked on it.

    The time I had joined the server was a few days prior to the QubeTubers Child’s Play Event of April 2011, and I enjoyed watching all of those livestreams. (except the constant chat spam of Yogscast-things :P)

    Ever since, I have been active in the Minecraft SMP sever, as well as the community in a whole, from watching livestreams, to talking in the IRC chat room.

    (I think that is good enough for a first forum post on the new site. :P)

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    Hello, I am Water/Cat/Water_Cat1/Sploosh Meow/etc etc etc. Whatever liquid or cat related name you think suits.

    I found QT way back when it was the livestream account called Minecraft Girl Edition like Sanfard. Since then I have been drifting in and out of the place. spend a while here, then a year off. Was somewhat active on almost all iterations of the minecraft server. I have been here more consistently over the past year and a bit but on other games and not so much minecraft. You can almost always find me on the mumble chat, although timezones usually mean my afternoon is everyone elses late night/early morning.

    Games, so much time spent in games. I have played heaps of minecraft but lately have gotten bored and spend my time on Space Engineers (Minecraft in space), borderlands 1/2, with some Civ V, L4D2, 7 Days to Die, planetside 2 and various other games on the side. I really enjoy playing with people from QT, although my ping can sometimes be an issue coming from New Zealand.


    Cats are from my parents’ home who I stay with over the summer break.

    Black/grey sly looking one is Slinky. She wants attention only on her terms. Official Queen of the house.

    The fat calico with a mouse is Maddi. No I have no idea how she got a mouse because she is both fat lazy and a bit of an idiot. She is the closest cat I have ever had to a liquid, she almost literally spreads in a puddle of fat when she lays down.

    Plain grey cat is Rally, and she is a little rascal who does not get on with the other cats and lives in the guest house outside.

    Fish is from my flat where I live most of the year. Is my flatmate’s fish not really mine. He is a siamese fighting fish, or betta fish and I forget the names to describe his colour and fin shape. Flatmates call him Monster because he is a bit of a rascal in that he attacked the other fish in his tank (they were just little catfish) so now he lives alone. I call him Mr. Fish, but I call all fish we have had Mr. Fish and his tank is sitting on some polystyrene to insulate it from the loud vibrations from builders working on the house.

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    Greetings from Redneckerson here. I am an elementary school teacher and probably best known as Gainerguy’s dad. It is Gainer’s fault that I am here 🙂

    He heard about the Child’s Play marathon in 2012 and wanted to do something to help, so he donated to the cause. I saw how much fun it was interacting with so many people and jumped in with him and we have been here since. I don’t do much gaming, but when I was a kid, I had a state of the art video game system….an Atari 2600 and the family’s old black and white TV with it’s amazing vacuum tubes.  Things have changed and I am amazed at what the kids are able to do with all the technology available.

    I am an internet idiot and not sure how to post pictures, but we do have 3 cats. Mattie was born on my wedding day in 1997. Callie was found at the local Cap’n D’s drive-through and suckered us into keeping her. And then there is Domino, also known as “Dummy, NOOOOO! She was abandoned by her mother and we bottle fed her for weeks until she was big enough to eat on her own. She was cute and puffy, but little did we know that she would turn out to be evil. 🙂

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    Hi all Its barry_hhh here all the way from NewZealand, I have been lurking around QT ever since the days of the Greytheory server although how i stumbled across that is lost to the mists of time.I have always enjoyed playing MC and making new friends here and have for the last while done what i could helping  as a moderator on the SMP.

    i enjoy Scifi/comics/wargames and building computers and have been training both Kungfu and Taichi for over ten years now.


    pictures of cats pending*

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    I can’t remember why I’m here.

    Can’t leave though.

    Send help.

    <3 you guys.

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    uhhh HI!
    I’m Parkade :> AKA Parkay, Parky, Vixey, and whatever else comes to mind. I joined QubeTubers by a complete accident. February 2011, searching around for streams on Minecraft – this terrible looking game I’d been told about – reminded me of LEGOs. I love Lego, and I love to create and design. So figuring I would check out a live stream and ask a few questions, I stumbled upon a community of them. Turns out I stayed. I believe I’ve been in some way or another, involved in almost every event that’s happened in the community since I joined, staff or not. Mostly in the background.. but there!

    Soo .. I’m Canadian. I don’t really talk to unfamiliar people – but I do try keeping everyone involved. I’m pretty open-minded. Pretty socially awkward. Don’t expect me to carry on a lot of small-talk. Comfortable with silence. Female. I really enjoy playing video games. Annddd. I currently have 3 cats. Not all of them are mine. I wanted a dog.


    .. really wish I could make this text smaller, and put these photos in a spoiler .-.

    This is my dog
    This one is my dog


    this is another one, my sister's
    This is my sister’s dog


    and this is the fat one, that has severe attitude problems .. also, she's the mama
    Andd this is the fat one that has severe attitude problems.. and also, she’s the mama

    .. guh, none of the scripting works

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    I am Groot.

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    Hello I’m StormyMode,

    I’m a Modpack developer for ATLauncher and FTB. Primarily ATLauncher. I’ve founded and developed the Modpack: The Scientist’s Toolbox -Minecraft Modpack. I know how to use a large variety of Minecraft Bukkit plugins because I code by own using the API from ForgeGradle. The major plugins I know: Essentials and World edit. I love dev-testing with Meep249 and MaxFirestorm on The Scientist’s Toolbox. #Shenanigans! Lol..

    Username/IGN: StormyMode

    Age: 17 Years old [Seems young, yes. But I’m very mature in my speech and in my actions.]




    Other Shenanigans are always available through my Twitter 😛

    -Thanks for Reading: StormyMode.



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    Hey all. Im new to the forums but I’ve been enjoying everyone’s streams for a few months now. Mostly keeping quiet and enjoying the show you all put on. So im a giant computer nerd built my own pc and i could get into how i optimize my system for hours. But at heart im a gamer which is why I stop by and watch you all. Im a huge fan of open world type games ranging from darksouls to dying light to minecraft and even got inspired by a few of the streamers here to buy some games. Such as Silver dragons play through of Dragon Age: Inquisition.  I’m 19 at least till april when i turn 20 (the most boring birthday possible). I stream myself every day i can at about 330 pm if i can. if you all want to drop by on fridays i do an all day stream with my good friend and we do anything from Nintendo games to recently dont starve together.

    I have two dogs but im too lazy to add their pictures. join on in with me.

    also tweet at me @nickmcmickey (used to be @dragofera)

    I look forward to future streams you guys put on and hope to become part of this community.

    Stay classy fellas. ~Drago

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    Hi StormyMode and drago. Welcome. 🙂

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