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    We’re having a meeting at 2pm CST today on Mumble (Server is Now, many of you won’t be able to attend for various reasons. However we’ll be reflecting what we discuss here and feel free to add your own comments and opinions here!

    Format: Open Format – Every voice is equal. Subject matter needs to stay focused on the site and community.

    Subjects:  Game-Servers are down and are unlikely to return due to a constant need for funds. Mumble and the Website are being hosted for free by Kweh. We want to recreate how we handle Game-Servers for the community by  having them be ‘Community Powered’.  Meaning members host the games on their own home-servers or paid-servers and provide them to the community to play on.

    We also want to reset how our community has been run internally. We need everyone to know their opinion matters and those of us who take active roles in the community be it moderating the forums, a game-server, or technical elements of the site, need to want to hear those opinions even if we don’t agree with them.

    Goal: The goal of this meeting is to set up a small event, just for our community in a week or two. Just something we can all participate in, a livestream of drawing/guessing, a free to play game we can do a small tourny in or something similar. We need to focus on just having more fun as a community. However we also need to communicate these things too. So to stay up to date, be sure you are watching the forums, and glancing at or twitter.

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    Sounds pretty cool. I’m looking forward to having fun playing with everyone again.

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